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New Moon in Gemini

New Moon in Gemini 

We welcome the new moon into Gemini on Thursday 10thJune 

As every new moon, it’s a great time understand yourself better, be adaptable and think in different ways, seeing all the different sides to things. 

AS the twin sign you may be feeling unsettled, indesive almost like you are being pulled in different directions. Your mind could be confused and plans may change at the last minute.

With mercury retrograde, and the solar eclipse, this is not the time to seek securities or stability but be adaptable to change and go back to the drawing board finding ways to improve what you are doing rather than starting new projects even with this new moon. 

This is a time to seek within, listen to your intuition rather than searching outside, confusing matters more. 

Communication is super important now, be clear in your truth and be open to hearing new information that could change things for you, both as a positive or not so, could also be conflicting so follow your own truth 

This Eclipse re starts your personnel power. A time to forgive the past and let go of what really does not serve you. Trust in your future path and embrace new opportunities even if you cannot see  or think clearly now, surrender and go with the flow. 

Gemini is ruled by Mercury the planet of communication, you get the picture while its reversed yes? 

An air sign your head could literally feel like its going to explode with everything going on right now but take a breath and calm yourself down, it will pass and be alright on the night. 

Gemini rules the heart Lungs hands and nervous system so pay attention to these areas this month. We talk with our hands so if these areas are troubling you ask yourself what are you not saying clearly enough 

The tarot card that rules Gemini is the Lovers card. A card of choice , communication and harmony. Bringing you closer to others but also leading to choices that you will need to address truthfully 

Questions  to ask your tarot cards this month 

*What is the Gemini New moon energy around me now 

*How can I be better at communication 

*What area needs more focus and attention 

*How can I be more adaptable now 

*Show me the way to accept changes without drama 

*How can I calm my monkey mind 

*What new opportunities await me after the eclipse 

*Gemini Tarot message 

Kate May Modern Day Mystic 




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