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New Moon in Gemini

New Moon In Gemini –

See what this wonderful but crazy feeling New Moon has to offer – The palnets are preparing us for more change and new begginings use this new moon in the best way possible 

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This New Moon in Gemini, asks us to pay close attention to our minds, our mental thoughts,contacts and anything related to cimminaction so of course the power of our words, Communication could be messy this month so being silent will work better.

As well as the new moon in Gemini we also have Mecury, within its own sin of Gemini plus opposed by jupiter the planet of expansion. This could mean for some feeling overwhelmend and extra head fuzzy!

So if your going through emotional and mental breakdowns alraedy, stay grouned, stay true and step away from any arguments or explosive situations.

On a positive though as weith every new moon, its a great time to start that new intention. Idealy see where Gemini and your Moon sit within your chart – if your not sure then choose an area where you would like new positive energy to buid. Other things to think about this new mon can be to think about how well you are communicating not just with others but with yourself – know your inner truths.

Meditate, if your feeling over thoughtful and your mind is messy, make a new moon thought to take time and meditate to clear your mind. Geminis are super social,the sun is out now where I am, so its a perfect time to say yes to thos social invitations and get flirty! Geminis love a flirt so use this energy to be a little more flirtatious and fun. Get the best of the Gemini chit chat.

Make time for your siblings – especially if you dont see them often enough, Gemini rules the 3rd house in Astrology , of siblings and communication have a bbq, invite them over for tea and a catch up. In your down time, you know when your stepping away from all that drama, read a book, Gemini love to read thought provocing books, get into a safe space, kick back and loose yourself in a good book.

The tarot cards assosicated with Gemini Is the Lovers – The lovers card is all about temptaion, communication, relationships and bringing balance and harmony to situations through talking and expressing yourself. You may find the focus is on relationships in one way or another this month, but remeber its a new moon so new possibilities here.

New Moon Blessings Kate May x

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