New Moon in Leo

New Moon in Leo 

With every new moon its all about new interest, new ideas, new opportunities 

With Leos energy its up beat, courageous, strong and fun! This is the sign of getting out there, be proud of what you have to offer and show off your best assets

This new moon brings a light relief of positive energy, much welcomed by many. Use this powerful time to get motivated, dress up, get your hair done, and generally be fired up for new things. 

Connecting to the heart chakra with Venus, find your inner strength and feminine side to create abundance in you life now. 

The effects of Uranus retrograde may still be giving you an unsettled time, just go with it is my advice! Uranus retrograde is about your inner truth, powerful awakenings, unsettling yet liberating . Open yourself to the new wonders still, knowing that all is in hand. Your own truth and intuition are super heightened now so listen. 

Leo reminds us to act in a gentle way, with loving words even if they are hard to hear for some. Use this influence to heal past wounds or walk away if they are causing too much stress and grief

Use this new moon to show off! Celebrate life have fun, flirt and dream big! You may be feeling a little friskier than usual! Don’t waste it! Mix with like minded people and batter those eye lashes accordingly! Leos energy is all about fun and creation. You may find you start to create new ways or working or doing things that give you a little twinkle in your eye. Whatever creative energy means to you, use it now.

Love yourself. Leo embraces their good bad and ugly side with confidence and visor! Celebrate your bests bits and spoil yourself rotten. Walk your walk talk your talk and sparkle all day! 

Bold, smart, confident, courageous, and good-looking, these Fire signs make natural born leaders, can charm the birds out of the tress and put the P into party! 

Proud to be themselves, they  have no qualms about praising themselves and  leading the way forward. They can be arrogant and selfish, but  they know how to get respect, and are happy to get stuck in, & work hard as long they don’t break too much a sweat that will ruin their looks. Joking aside they can be hard workers, especially if they know that they would get respect and praise. They work well in the public eye and as a rule ,prefer to be the more dominate one in relationships and friendships. 

Quick to make friends, friendly and likeable.They put themselves first and will change plans if it doesn’t suit them. 

Passionate and fun, generous and great lovers, who wouldn’t want to be around a Leo! They love grand gestures, gifts, can be show offish and enjoy flashing their cash when they have it, or any anything that they are proud for all to see. They find it challenging to listen to others and bore easily although never at the sound of their own voice. 

Leos love to look good and be the best, and this sometimes can be challenging for them to keep up appearances each day. They love adventures but also enjoy  their down time. They love to look fabulous and will spend time and effort doing their hair, especially, or making themselves feel and look their best 

A reputation for having a load roar, really they are just pussy cats. 

The tarot card connected to Leo is the strength card, The Strength card predicts needing the strength to get through challenging time  or where strength of character is required. It lets you know you have the strength to get through life’s difficulties and that you can fight things off.

The lion is a symbol of the fire (also connected the to fire sign of leo) within, the passion that burns deep.  The woman is symbolic of the subconscious, controlling the lion with gentle caress not force

The feminine influence of the woman  mixed with the lions raw power, reminds you to tame that raw power with gentle touch

The Strength card represents strength, determination, and power, Similar to the Chariot. The Strength card speaks about masculine and feminine, inner and outer strength of will. The  Strength card shows  you can work with life’s obstacles. You have great stamina and persistence, balanced with underlying patience and inner calm. With maturity and dignity, you can overcome your challenges. This isn’t the time to scream and shout, or throw your toys out of the pram, this is about controlled strength. 

When the Strength Tarot card appears in a reading, your inner strength, outer strength and will power, is required. There is no need for pushy force, but gentle controlled power. The best way to handle situations now, are with tact and underestimated power

When this card comes up in any position really, you have the confidence to get through something. The fear on the inside  may not show on the outside, its best to keep your emotions in check while you surf these times. What ever your fears are, now is the time to face them head on as you have what it takes to   conquer  them.  You are stronger than you may realise and now you must draw upon that strength to keep going.   

In a nut shell this cards reminds you to be determined and persevere through lifes challenges. Be there for those that may need your support and deal with situations in a calm mannered way. If you are likely to blow your top, then you may lose your power, this card is about control and holding your tongue, just like in the image. 

When this card comes up as a health situation, it may indicate that you strength is to be tested however by reserving your  raw power and letting others look after you, you will have the strength thats needed

I have created a Leo tarot spread 

1- What is the Leo strength around you know 

2- How can you be the best at your achievements 

3- How best can you support your power and strength 

4- How can you accept your imperfections

5- What are you pushing that needs to be released now 

6- How can you bring the fun back into your life 

7- Leo Tarot message