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New Moon in Leo



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I love a new moon! For some reason they lend themselves to me easier than the full moons.

This Full moon is all about new energies for you!

Leos like to be important, they like to be the centre, so this new moon make yourself the important one, be your own centre!

Take time to shine and be in the limelight, celebrate your fabulousness and shine! Be fun, larger than life – We all have a little leo in us, so use this new moon to show it off!

Since were talking about leo energy lets talk about yourself, ourselves, do things that you love, indulge yourself, spoil yourself,

Make the most of the flirty fun energy, we all love a harmless flirt, make it fun, flirt with your partner, or with that person whos had your eye for a while, flirt with life, enjoy that sizzling uplifted buzz thats around. Bring back that sexy you. However you choose to add some sparkle – make it fun

If you’ve been taken thing too seriously for a while, especially with the last full moon in capricorn, use this new moon to bring some creative energy back, take a walk on the wild side, enjoy creative fun outside work, or if in work bring about a more creative fun filled vibe, maybe plan a work eve night out, mix with friends that you’ve been too busy to see, play with children, be childlike, theres no better way to get deep into your inner child than to play with children, book a day at a theme park – what ever it is make if Fabulous and fun!

As with every new Moon, think about what you want to bring in as new energy. New creative fun flirty energy. Good crystals to use on your alters could be anything citrene and rose quartz

Citrine helps to bring about a more cheery outlook and rose quartz is all about love!

On my Alter, I will be placing some chosen Tarot cards, and some summer citrine. A few personel item will go on, representing family fun and fabulousness. Ive been working extra hard lately, with the help of Mr Flaaa and some lovely friends to get the Mystic lounge all sparkly and new but its meant my social life has been put on the back burner, so I will be concentrating on having some more fun and doing things with my children. They are going away for the first 2 weeks of the holidays with their dad, which means ive got this lovely new moon weekend to do a few special things with them – I am so excited already!

The Tarot card connected to Leo is the strength card and to the Sun planet, which rules Leo is the Sun card. The strength card to me, is about holding your won power. Being stronng inside and out, knowing when to open your mouth and when not too. Quite often this card comes up when its asking you to not throw your toys out the pram but more be gentle when handling a tricky situation, then you remain in our controlled power – no one likes an in ya face screamer – have dignity and respect for yourself and those around you – after all we are all one

The Sun card is all about fun, freedom, its my yes cards, its saying do it,its very connected to children and the freedom they have – when this card appears things are looking very good!

So what ever you do for this New moon – make it loud – make it large – make it fun and be fabulous

Mystic Blessings

Kate May x







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