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New Moon in Libra

We move into the new moon in Libra, a time for new beginnings and looking. At new opportunities. Libras energy brings balance, calm and harmony. This new moon assists you in bring peace to your life and finding a calming balance in all areas.

Connected especially to relationships, this could be one on one personnel or relationships with yourself, your finances, your health, work areas – You natal chart will show the particular area that’s connects to you, or listen to where your body and actions are naturally drawn too.

This is a great time with the connecting planetary line up, to manifest hopes and dreams, especially those where you are wanting expansion. Aligning with fiery mars, giving us the oomph to get things done with passion and fiery energy, woo hoo! Who’s feeling super motivated?

If your relationships are already rocky, this mars influence could add fore to flames! Use the libra energy to water this down.

Do remember though that mercury is retrograde, usually a time when we are advised not to do new things, but to go over old ground and touch up our previous work, perfecting this ready for a super re  launch!

Under Libra energy, use some of that passion and upbeat energy to look after yourself, pamper yourself, relax and recharge

While a new moon is a time to come up with an idea or new chapter but its best to wait a few days to implement it

This is a great time to explore your needs on a personnel level. When you are happy, those around you will reflect this – Literally a time of your vibe attracts your tribe

The energy now is one of levelling up, and manifestation. If you’re looking to connect deeper with your loved one, raising your game in your career or expanding your home area, this is the time to do it!

Planting your seeds of intention

Questions to ask yourself this new moon

*How do you relate to others? Important partnerships will be highlighted now

*Where can you partner up with others? The sign of libra influences relationships on all levels, buddy up for the best results

*What do you need to  negotiate now? Bring balance into your live with the right negotiations

*Pamper yourself – Venus the planet of love and beauty rules Libra. See the beauty in others, and treat yourself to a new hair do, get your nails done, check out your wardrobe and make sure everything in it makes you feel fabulous

*If you have been relying on others too much, co-dependency can have a negative effect on all those involved. Find your independence and regain your identity  

Tarot card spread for new moon in Libra

*How can this new moon shed new opportunities within your relationships

*Love message

*What is the Libra new moon vibe for you this month

*Relationship values

*How can you see the beauty in your situation now creating a positive vibe

*What new ideas can you bring in to balance your energies and lifestyle now

*New moon in libra tarot message




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