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New Moon in libra Tarot Spread

Full moon in Libra Tarot Spread

Full moon in Libra 

As every full moon we see what we need toilet go off and what we need to release. This full moon shows us to release karmic pattens that we experienced through relationships, creating more harmony and balance in the ones we want to keep. 

This full moon in libra also known as the pink moon, and the opening of the eclipse gate way can bring up deep dark aspects connected with your past and with anything that is out of balance in your life. Ask yourself, “What is out of balance and what is showing up for me in my life that is shedding light on what is out of balance?“

We have a lot to work on and with during this full moon time. Any addiction to suffering needs to be addressed and released. If you find yourself in a dark place, allow the light at the end of the tunnel to guide you forward. Focus on the feminine aspects of beauty, forgiveness, compassion and healing rather than getting stuck in the illusion of despair.

The first of two Eclipses occurs in 2 weeks later on April 30th during the New Moon Solar Eclipse. There is a lot of strong energy building up to the Full Moon and during this Lunation. There is a lot of tension in the astrological air right now. It seems that wherever there has been tension, whatever has been pulled too tightly, is going to snap back, forcing us to make changes and to find a new way to harmony.

Libra rule relationships and harmony. They enjoy the beauty of nature and of others, vibes taken from their rolling planet Venus. Any emotional tug of war you are going through now can be softened with love and compasion from Venus. 

Keep in mind that most of the people we encounter in this life can be mirrors, reflecting back to us the things that we need to work on or celebrate within ourselves, however, due to the cosmic forces surrounding this Full Moon, there is a strong need for us to assert ourselves, set firm boundaries, and ensure that the flow of giving and receiving is equal when it comes to our relationships.

Whatever may come up we need to keep the idea of harmony in our mind. Knowing that anything that falls apart, any “disharmony” that presents itself, is simply an opportunity to smooth the flow of energy in and out of our lives.

Think about what areas need healing, this is a great time to heal relationships, old wounds, and past emotional experiences. The energy no is focused on relationships and partnerships fall kinds

Think about if you have been focusing on your needs too much at the cost of others, or the other way round? 

Have you been easily influenced and gullible lately? Unable to decide things for yourself? Have you been living your life through someone else’s? 

Do you have enough things in your life to appreciate its beauty and harmony? 

You may need to find a balance between what makes you happy and what makes others happy this month. Forgive past relationships, let go of anything toxic that could damage your future relationships 

Here is a Tarot spread for Full moon in LIbra 

Libra energy around you now 

What news will this full moon bring 

How can you find balance in your life 

What no longer serves

What are you projecting onto your relationships 

Libra tarot message 




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