New Moon In Libra

New Moon In Libra

Tuesday 9th October 2018

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As every new moon, this is a great day to think about new possibilities, new dreams and where you want the new moons energy to focus most on.

As Libra is the sign of Partnerships (ruled by Venus – Love) , this is a good time to start thinking about all aspects of your relationships & partnerships with others, especially those who are important to you.

Is there a need for more balance and harmony with these people? As Libra is about giving, think about how you treat others, what do you give to them? Its also about balance so a fair exchange of give and take is needed, but maybe for this month anyway just give a little more – how fab does it feel when you give a gift or give your time, knowing you have made someone feel special.

Issues may pop up now, with work relationships, or personnel relationships, let them come to air, this is the best chance to harmonies any rifts or misunderstandings, use the Libra New moon to bring about a peaceful diplomatic solution.

Not happy with something? The Libra New moon is great for renegotiation’s and re evaluating what your not in love with right now.Bringing Balance fairly and smoothly.

Libra is ruled by venus, goddess of love and beauty. Get your slap on, do your nails, pay attention to your beauty routine to really sparkle your best right now. (I soooo need my nails done!)

Without being superficial, feeling good about yourself, makes you feel better. I never leave the house without a full face, and you probably wouldn’t want me too either,(face for radio)

While Libra is all about partnerships, maybe yours has become to close? Maybe you have lost your own identity to someone else? If this is the case fall back in love with your own self, this is a perfect time to seek your own relationship with yourself, remaining in balance of course!

Now this New moon has a twist to it because of Venus retrograde, this means that the time is right to air any misunderstandings,especially those concerned within partnerships. Venus retrograde allows you to become aware of repeated patterns, ones that no longer favor your current relationships, be it romantic,friendships or within work. Let go of old patterns,this  serves as a reminder to why they didn’t or don’t work.

While you can do any of this at any time, by doing it now, you have the assistance of nature, helping supporting and bringing you in a much more harmonious flow.

In a Mystic nut shell

*Repair damaged relationships & partnerships

*With Diplomacy find a balance within relationships

*Be Beautiful

*Create Beautiful things in harmony with Nature

*Embrace New beginnings within all relationships

*Fall in love with yourself, create a new happy harmony relationship from within

*Let go of repeated patterns that are causing your relationships to suffer

*Become fully aware & appreciative of the loves in your life

*Question your Values and securities within relationships

*Speak your truth with compassion, bringing in a harmonious balance

New moon in Libra Mystic Magic

*Put your crystals,cards or what ever you want cleansed, or bought new energy too, under the moonlight (Cover your cards if it rains!)

*Make your new moon wish to bring about harmony and love within all aspects of partnerships and relationships – even the ones that cause us much grief – it is these that may be helping our soul to reach its full potential

* Sit with the Moons energy in the quiet, offer a prayer or what ever  feels comfortable,  allow her intuitive magic to  wrap herself around you

*Create an Alter bringing in love,respect & balance. Set your intentions on peace making, clearing up misunderstandings and moving forward in a way that is harmonious to all – I will be using the Justice Tarot card that represents Libra, A rose quartz representing love, a blue crystal representing truth, a pair of scales to represent balance, a green candle to represent harmony, a butterfly that represents my intention of changes within the matter and some personnel items that represent my own personnel intention (Its important for me, to keep a little magic, magical) I Keep my alters for at least 3 days, although often longer simply because of my busy schedule

New Moon Blessings

Much Love

KateMay Modernday Mystic

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