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45 cards separated into 6 different categories.

These Modern Mystic messages have been created to give you guidance and answers in my straight-talking way!

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New moon in Pisces

Potentially a fab week manifesting and dreaming big!

With the links between Jupiter (luck expansion higher learning ) and Neptune (dreams, desires and the divine) and of course Pisces (psychic, intuition, emotion)
The energy is most powerful!
Woo hoo! Right up my street!

Pay attention to your dreams, and spiritual pathway

This new moons energy is a great time to start a dream diary, start new romantic relationships or bring new romance to an exciting one.
It’s perfect for writing poems, starting new spiritual pathways, to listen to your inner self, the subconscious and to dreams big, what ever your wishing for, now is a fab time to get a boost to take you in that direction

The new moon in Pisces’s may have you feeling a little more light headed, dreamy, feeling like your in La La land and being in a heightened emotional state

There can be a delusional feel with this new moon too, so be true to yourself, don’t bury your head in the sand, be open to new opportunities

* Think about your dreams ~ Attract what you desire, think big follow the law of attractions plan if we are what we think and we will get west we ask for. Hidden messages may now be coming in your sleep dreams so make a note
* Revive your crystals ~ Any new moon is good for cleansing, but this one is particularly powerful for crystal, our alters, jewelry and art work.The mysteries that connect to pisceas will help bring new power to your cleansing rituals
* Be mystical ~ Work in your intuitive energy, embrace the psychic or spiritual craft you are drawn too
* Heal yourself ~ Hidden lies or secrets that may run deep, need to be faced in order to heal. As a water sign, this is the perfect time to work on healing your emotions. With Neptune bringing a connection here, the ruler of Pisces, and the planet of illusions, it’s a time of digging deep into our wounded soul and be honest to ourselves in order to heal
* Be open to new ideas however crazy they seem ~ Use the energy to bring new things into your life that could only be dreamt about or wished for! Manifest your desires think from the heart 

The new moon in Pisces’s may have you feeling a little more light-headed, dreamy, feeling like your in La La land and being in a heightened emotional state




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