The new moon in Pisces today march 13th2021 

As every new moon it’s a great time for new beginnings, new ideas, new ways of dreaming up magical things! 

With this in Pisces it is asking you dream, dream new ideas, dream new beginnings, dream big! Trust your intuition even more so with this moon, pay attention to your dreams, now would be a great time to keep a dream diary. Turn your dreams into reality with the law of attraction and the strong cosmic power this week. 

Think about what you are dreaming of, where you want your dreams to be manifested to reality. The new moon in Pisces is also about your hidden fears, secrets and hidden influences. It’s about what we don’t want to admit, be liberated from these secrets, dig deep and set them free.

This new moon will be making your destiny more clearer now. 

 Neptune & Venus are conjunct the Sun and  moon, Neptune is the ruler of Pisces a real dreamy combo, Venus is full of love, art and seeing the beauty of things. Conjunct the energy is likely to be dreamy, romantic and full of glamour and ideals 

This new moon energy is great for anything within  the mystical realms or the subconscious, look out for joining spiritual organisations or getting together online, with friends with your tarot cards!

Ask yourself how you can bring your creative influences to the light, this could be especially in the arts or beauty industry now 

Think about what your imagining, are they positive or negative thoughts? Is it benefiting you or do you need to release this now 

The new moon in Pisces asks us to face our fears, look at our shadow side, what have we been hiding that we don’t want others to know about or what fear have we been holding onto – use this energy to liberate yourself of this burden 

The Pisces new moon is a great time to heal, heal from old wounds, past influences, maybe those hidden fears. Emotionally a great time for inner healing. 

Manifestation, Neptune’s influence  has the power to day dream, using the law of attraction we can make our dreams a reality. I love a manifestation board or alter. 

For me Pisces sits in my 2nd house, so I will be focusing on this new energy within my finances and values area. Have a look in your birth chart to see where about s yours sit. 

I will be creating to my alter my new moon intentions, the new moon in Pisces oracle card and tarot cards that represent my new intentions. Amethyst crystal connects to this energy so ill be adding that too! 

The tarot card associated for Pisces for me is the Moon. The Moon card is full of illusions, delusions and higher conscious thoughts. It is the card of subconscious feelings, and where you may feel over whelmed, and extra sensitive. Things may be bought to light, emotions come out of hiding. 

Have a look at your Tarot or Angel Cards and see.. 

  • What steps do you need to take to your dreams a reality
  • How can you heighten your intuition now
  • *What can you do to help remember your dreams
  •   How best to make your dreams a reality
  •  How can you embrace your creative side
  • What are you being disillusioned with now  
  • New Moons Mystic Message 

Mystic Blessings Kate May x