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These Modern Mystic messages have been created to give you guidance and answers in my straight-talking way!

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The Dreamy new moon in Pisces is here!. As with all New moons, this shines a new light for new ideas and new beginnings, Pisces also marks the end of the astrological wheel, meaning its our last chance to tie up loose ends and finish things off before the start of Aries Season. The energy is vibeing towards the spring equinox now making way for many new beginnings and giving you the ability to visualise and dream in your future! This is the last sun in the zodiac before we set a new tone for the new re set energy in march. This new moon will connect you to your highest potential and guidance from and for soul. This Pisces new moon is super magical and and going to take you to the height of spiritual understanding for your life now, showing you the bigger picture from your souls perspective,with immense growth

Your astrological house placement will make a huge impact on where this energy sits for you. For me Pisces sits in my 2nd house, so I will be focusing on this new energy within my finances and values area. Have a look in your birth chart to see where about yours sit and how it can influence you the most

As all new moons are connected to new beginnings, new ideas, new thought, this beautiful Pisces moon vibe brings new dreams with it, – with this in Pisces it, dream new ideas, dream new beginnings, dream big! Pisces are intuitive, sensitive, and often psychic! Trust your intuition even more so with this moon, pay attention to your dreams, now would be a great time to keep a dream diary if you don’t already.

“This moon wants us to create the space for all the new beginnings that are coming. Under this new moon, and for the next few weeks, we are going to be asked to live completely mirroring nature, and just like nature can’t grow anything in the hard, old ground that is filled with weeds, we can’t either.

Turn your dreams into reality with the law of attraction and the strong cosmic power this week. 

Think about what you are dreaming of, where you want your dreams to be realised. The new moon in Pisces is also about your hidden fears, secrets and hidden influences. It’s about what we don’t want to admit, but a chance to be liberated from these secrets, setting yourself free.

The energy is great for anything on the mystical realms or the subconscious, look out for joining spiritual organisations or getting together with friends with your tarot cards! Pisces are the dreamer but also the mediums of the zodiac, they flow in-between in-between both worlds effortlessly tapping into their subconscious and hidden messages – You will find this energy around you ow and may experience deeper connections especially with dreams and mystical work

This new Moon will be charged with a number of planetary influences including some challenges, this is a time to forgive your past, release blocks from previous relationships or situations allowing you to embrace new energy and new you. Going hand in hand with the end of the Karmic astrological year, the energy is making way for huge clearings , letting go and clearing space for the new energy and experiences. This release shows us that we cannot grow without letting go of old outdated ways, your own personnel upgrade is going to be available for you to tap into!

Think back to the last 6-12 months, and connect to what you have learnt, released, bought in new, share your wisdom with yourself to acknowledge how much you have grown – now imagine, how much more you can grow with the summer months ahead.

Of course, this energy is dreamy, and these dreams need action , be careful you don’t bury your head in the clouds though, too much daydreaming will cause procrastination and they will not manifest into realty, so get going with your desires. Dreams are just wishes if you don’t action them into reality

The tarot card associated for Pisces  for me is the Moon. The Moon card is full of illusions, delusions and higher conscious thoughts. It is the card of subconscious feelings, and where you may feel over whelmed, and extra sensitive.

Things may be bought to light, emotions come out of hiding. You may also be connecting to your secret side, were you can find the truth under any illusions. Be mindful of any emotional blogs, and making choices when there is brain fog and unrealistic settings! Pisces like to escape reality and that can include unhealthy living habits, try to accept what this is, be honest with yourself to release them and clean up, this is the time to deal with your addictions or unhealthy behaviours. Be clear with your boundaries, use empathy and compassion with others and yourself

Have a look at your Tarot or Angel Cards and ask these questions

*Dream manifestation message

*Challenge or block now

*Spiritual message of Support

*Best Way to go with the flow

*Action to take now

* Pisces Tarot message

New moon in Pisces affirmations

Aries – I am ready to manifest my dreams

Taurus – I am open to new experiences that raise my vibration and awaken my soul

Gemini- I am awakening

Cancer – I am listening to my inner voice

Leo – I embrace my full magic

Virgo – I attract what I desire

Libra – I can see clearly to reach my dreams

Scorpio – I allow my inner guide to speak

Sagittarius – My goals are within reach

Capricorn – I dare to dream big

Aquarius – My dreams are on another level and I am ready to access them

Pisces – I am glowing inside out as I connect to my inner truth and release what blocks me living my best life

Mystic Blessings

Kate May x




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