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The new moon in Pisces is on March 2nd 2022. As with all New moons, this shines a new light for new ideas and new beginnings. I will be adding to my Altar, a few tarot cards that represent my intention and some spring flowers from my garden, as we leave behind  winter and welcome the start of spring now.  

Pisces also marks the end of the astrological wheel, meaning its our last chance to tie up loose ends and finish things off before the start of Aries Season

For me Pisces sits in my 2nd house, so I will be focusing on this new energy within my finances and values area. Have a look in your birth chart to see where about yours sit and how it can influence you the most

As all new moons are connected to new beginnings, new ideas, new thought – with this in Pisces it is asking you dream, dream new ideas, dream new beginnings, dream big! Trust your intuition even more so with this moon, pay attention to your dreams, now would be a great time to keep a dream diary. Turn your dreams into reality with the law of attraction and the strong cosmic power this week. 

Think about what you are dreaming of, where you want your dreams to be realised. The new moon in Pisces is also about your hidden fears, secrets and hidden influences. It’s about what we don’t want to admit, be liberated from these secrets, dig deep and set them free.

The energy is great for anything on the mystical realms or the subconscious, look out for joining spiritual organisations or getting together with friends with your tarot cards!

This is a dark time for many within the world right now, and with this moon you will not be able to see much of it, the sky’s are super dark, and with this we can go within to our darker side, our shadow side, tapping into our feminine side, coming honouring the side of us that we may try and hide more. This is not the them to fear the dark or what’s going on but to confront it and find a new way of being comfortable with it

This new Moon will be charged with a number of planetary influences including some challenges, this is a time to forgive your past, release blocks from previous relationships or situations allowing you to embrace new energy and new you. Going hand in hand with the end of the Karmic astrological year

Think back to the last 6-12 months, and connect to what you have learnt, released, bought in new, share your wisdom with yourself to acknowledge how much you have grown

Jupiter the planet of expansion, makes it’s way through Pisces, giving us hope optimism and through our reflective state, where we can find ways to expand and see the silver lining of situations

As Jupiter expands what it touches, Pisces energy is sensitive, intuitive and creative so these are the areas that could be expanded upon on a personnel level. Meditation would be great to get into now. Psychic senses and reams can be expanded and explored more deeply now also

We also have a conjunction with loving Venus, fiery and energetic mars and transformation energy of Pluto, all 3 of these coming together can be explosive but where compassion is needed. Relationships with others and money may come up now as Venus rules these. Be compassionate and sensitive, even though it may feel a bumpy ride

The tarot card associated for Pisces  for me is the Moon. The Moon card is full of illusions, delusions and higher conscious thoughts. It is the card of subconscious feelings, and where you may feel over whelmed, and extra sensitive. Things may be bought to light, emotions come out of hiding. 

Have a look at your Tarot or Angel Cards and ask these questions

*Dream manifestation message

*Challenge or block now

*Spiritual message of Support

*Best Way to go with the flow

*Action to take now

* Pisces Tarot message

Mystic Blessings

Kate May x




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