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New Moon in Sagittarius

New moon in Sagittarius 

The new moon in Sagittarius is a fiery one!

As every new moon, this is a time of new beginnings and new thoughts, with Sagittarius energy

The universe will now help us re-centre ourselves with hope, optimism, and Sagittarius excitement

Lucky Jupiter, the ruling planet of Sagittarius, will stations direct in the sign of Pisces. As the Sun enters Sag.  Jupiter is the planet of luck, optimism, expanding and fortune in, rarely going unnoticed in anyone’s chart. As he directs in dreamy Pisces, yours dream mays have the potential to be reality. This is a very positive time to think big and dream big

This is a super exciting time, taking us away from the deep emotional Scorpio season, into the fun light and freedom of Sagittarius and with that added lucky boost from Jupiter returning direct

From the water into the fire! Things are going to get interesting this month, and in a positive way.

Pay attention to your dreams as they could be big and vivid, giving you extra messages to look out for.

Find ways to perhaps get away, study more, expanding your knowledge and search for meanings, but also laugh have fun and enjoy each moment with these wonderful new moon energies. 

Sagittarius energy is one of truth and direct approach. In the zodiac, they ate the seekers of truth and the teachers. Teaching us to speak and find the truth and share it far and wide. Expanding our beliefs

You may find your energy moves towards travel plans, higher education, expanding your knowledge and seeing the bigger picture, rising above challenges

Find ways to perhaps get away, study more, expanding your knowledge and search for meanings, but also laugh have fun and enjoy each moment with these wonderful new moon energies. 

This is the sign that can hurt with their words without realizing, however they hurt deeply themselves when the tables are turned. Being the truth seeker and can be blunt and direct.

This is the sign that loves to travel and have new adventures, expand their knowledge and they know how to have good fun and enjoy themselves to the max. This is the sign that works hard, has a vision, and doesn’t mind how they get there. Use this vibe to reach for unlimited possibilities

The temperance Tarot card is connected to Sagittarius and reflects travel, visions, balance, harmony and asks you to have patience, be flexible and do things in moderation. It shows you that although there is a long way ahead, there is harmony insight if you remain flexible and have patience.

For me, this card usually connects when healing is being given from those around us including spirit, so look out for signs from the spirit world now

Both masculine and feminine aspect resonates within the temperance card, reminding us to get a balance and find the right flow of life, seeing the bigger picture of everything

Tarot spread for new moon in Sagittarius

Energy around you now

New Experiences coming your way

How to create more fun into your life now

What is expanding around you

How to bring luck your way

Lessons to be learnt now




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