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New Moon In Sagittarius

New moon in Sagittarius 

The new moon in Sagittarius is a fiery one!

As every new moon, this is a time of new beginnings and new thoughts. As a fire sign, and a particularly impulsive one at that, our thoughts may change to be a little more out there, we may be more daring with our new ideas and not give much thought to others on how we get them out there or  about how high we aim.

If you are super sensitive and reserved, you may find this high energy and power surge to get to the top, a little overwhelming so instead use it to motivate yourself, and be open to new experiences

Things we may be looking at more now could be, new holidays and travel, even with the restrictions around, we could be looking at ways around this, furthering our inner knowledge with courses and classes to better ourselves, new work projects, and expanding on areas we want to grow.

Being hopeful and optimistic about what the future holds, it feels super exciting with anything possible this new moon.

Find ways to perhaps get away, study more, expanding your knowledge and search for meanings, but also laugh have fun and enjoy each moment with these wonderful new moon energies. Sagittarius is a fun energy

Ruled by Jupiter the planet of luck and expansion, use this expansive lucky energy to bring about what you desire at the highest height of your dreams and wishes.

Being a new moon and solar eclipse in ambitious Sagittarius, expect both an ending of past outdated chapters and a portal for new positive changes . A karmic cleanse and energetic reset.

Await the new chapters with excitement

We have the eclipse season now to, a highly charged energy to manifest your desires and hopes. To dream big to set your clear intention and release old ways of doing things

Sudden endings may appear, leading to new beginnings even though they could be challenging at first, trust that this will be beneficial for you in the long run

Pay attention to your dreams as they could be big and vivid, giving you extra messages to look out for.

Eclipse energy, like we have now, allows supports us through changes, shows us what no longer serves an removes unwanted obstacles and block creating space for our hearts desires.  It is the ultimate time to put out to the universe of what you really want

This is the sign that can hurt with their words without realizing, however they hurt deeply themselves when the tables are turned. They re the truth seeker and can be blunt and direct. A time to perhaps do this yourself.  This is the sign that loves to travel and have new adventures, expand their knowledge and they know how to have good fun and enjoy themselves to the max. This is the sign that works hard, has a vision and doesn’t mind how they get there

In Astrology they rule the 9th house, the house of further education, long distance travel, religion and knowledge

The temperance Tarot card is connected to Sagittarius and reflects travel, visions, balance, harmony and asks you to have patience, be flexible and do things in moderation. It shows you that although there is a long way ahead, there is harmony insight if you remain flexible and have patience.

For me, this card usually connects when healing is being given from those around us including spirit, so look out for signs from the spirit world now

Both masculine and feminine aspect resonates within the temperance card, reminding us to get a balance and find the right flow of life

Tarot spread for new moon in Sagittarius

Energy around you now

New Experiences coming your way

How to create more fun into your life now

What is expanding around you

How to bring luck your way

Lessons to be learnt now

New Moon in Sagittarius tarot spread



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