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New Moon In Scorpio Tarot Reading

The New moon in Scorpio on November 13th is notably intense, heightened by the influential presence of Mars, Uranus, and Neptune. This cosmic alignment brings forth a powerful wave of transformative energy, urging individuals to embark on a revolutionary journey fuelled by passion and guided by compassion. It is a moment that demands attentiveness to intuition and a deep exploration of core motivations, signalling the opportune time for courageous shifts and the embrace of challenges. Anticipate a spiritual expedition marked by unexpected revelations.

Merging with the 11:11 light codes we are still processing within our energetic bodies. This powerful combination will push us further into new chapters and deeper inner and outer changes in our realities.

The November 13 New Moon will also bring ambition, good fortune, and success merged with intellectual and spiritual power. The changes we experienced during the recent eclipse corridor will be part of this timeline transformation together with the 11:11 gateway and this brave new moon. Get ready to unveil your Amazonian power this week!

New moons signify the inception of fresh beginnings; however, Scorpio, as the sign of death and transformation, signifies not only new beginnings but substantial karmic closures. This period presents an excellent opportunity to shed old layers and give rise to a more authentic self.

The November 13th Scorpio New Moon possesses intricate and profound energy, reaching into the darkest recesses of the soul and psyche. Individuals are called upon to delve deeper into their emotions, question prevailing narratives, and exercise independent thought. The emphasis is on forging one’s path and staying true to oneself, free from external influences, societal pressures, or the fear of judgement.

This energy encourages individuals to march to the beat of their own drum, demonstrating confidence and courage. While self-discovery is an ongoing journey, this new moon serves as a guide, unveiling a truer and deeper version of oneself.

Scorpio, a sign associated with secrets and intuition, may reveal hidden aspects, bringing to light the genuine nature of situations. Emotional fluctuations may occur during this time, necessitating self-care and activities that promote well-being. The new moon is instrumental in recognising

ing and addressing unhealthy patterns that may impact relationships and overall well-being.

The partial eclipse accompanying this celestial event contributes to an elevated spiritual consciousness, awakening the soul to its true desires. It acts as a reset button on the soul’s path, highlighting future needs. While the emotional changes may be uncomfortable, trust in the process and understand that a larger picture is unfolding, answering true callings.

Set intentions for new beginnings, embrace change, and strengthen connections through time spent in nature or self-reflection. In addition to its sensitive nature, Scorpio is associated with sensuality, encouraging individuals to tap into their own sensual powers and revel in their sexy, sensual, and inherently gorgeous qualities.

Energy to align with the New Moon

Work on your shadow side as truths that we may prefer to hide comes to the light

Harness the chaotic energy, use it to launch something meaningful, expanding on your hidden desires

Allow the planet Uranus to awaken us to see the bigger picture, be less ridged and help us get to know how we really think and feel on a deeper level

As this is a super sensitive time, be mindful where you could explode! Ensure daily self-care is part of your routine


Tarot spread for new moon in Scorpio.

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