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These Modern Mystic messages have been created to give you guidance and answers in my straight-talking way!

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New moon in Scorpio 

November 15th 2020 

As with all new moons they look at new beginnings, new ideas, new ways of doing things. Use this energy now to manifest what you want to being in to your life now. 

Scorpios are the sexy sign so you could be feeling extra raunchy now or want to bring in new ways to vamp up your sex appeal! 

Financial investments get a look in now too. Those with partnerships or other peoples monies that work with yours. This is a great time to start a new business venture with someone or see a new way through it 

In the house system within astrology we look at house 8 for scorpios. House 8 influence other people monies, investments, taxes, sex, re birth, reproduction and regeneration. All this will have an impact one way or another now. 

Depending what house your moon and Scorpio and Pluto fall into, that is  the area most influenced now. Id always recommend having this done and you can check out for free on Google your astrology chart. If you are unsure how to read it, get in touch!

Scorpios are culled by the water element, this is your emotions. A great time to think about your emotional state, if your not feeling content, then now is the time to think about how you can improve that and create more balance here 

Scorpios, like each sign has a negative and positive side, their negative side is seen as being jealous and possessive. Check in with yourself to see if these qualities are rising now, don’t push it down allow it to come to the surface so you can begin the journey of inner peace. Being aware of any destructive energy now will bring you a feeling of calm and positive power. End resentments, forgive those from your past that you are allowing to effect your karmic energy. Scorpio connects to karma, and holding grudges will not bring you happiness. Use the new moon as the turning point to start a fresh, especially  emotionally now. Painful memories may surface, but try and learn from them. Go deeper to see why this is having a hold over you.

This is a great time to deepen your relationships, to acknowledge your deeper feelings and sexual powers. Use them carefully though not in a destructive way. Commitments made within this time of the new Scorpio moon, often have great lasting energy. 

You may be feeling the ups and downs of all the planetary activity now, mars has gone direct which will see action moving forward again. Your dreams may have been super crazy lately and you may be feeling more tired than usual. Try and remain positive in your thoughts, we are not out of this bumpy year yet! 

Scorpios are highly intuitive and very deep so you could be feeling extra sensitive now and still doing a lot of soul searching. This new moon is a great time to look at what you want out of life on a deep level . Try not to force these actions now though and let nature takes it course. Live in the now. 

The planet Pluto connects to Scorpio. Pluto is about change, karmic patterns ,re birth, death and regeneration. The results of Pluto can be harsh and hit you like a ton of bricks. Things are calm when Pluto has a strong influence, however, sometimes we need this shake up to be re born. Pluto gets things done. Pluto asks us to change things, redeem ourselves and come out stronger. This planet deals with viruses, crime, the underworld and secrets. It will help uncover things that may not nee pretty but from this we can grow


The Sign of Scorpio is represented but the scorpion. 

The sun enters their sign on October 23rd until November 22nd 

They are the 8th sign of the astrological zodiac representing change, sex, regeneration  and others peoples money. 

Scorpios are known for having a sting in their tail. Once crossed they can be bitter and cruel. 

They have a passion that runs deep are independent and loyal. They are not afraid to make a statement no matter what people think 

They love debates, and won’t back down when they think they are right. 

They can seem intimidating, aggressive and cold to some, but those that have their trust they are loyal and know they are ruled by their emotions, their heart. While they may not think things through properly, they do listen to what their intuition is saying and follow their heart. They can vibe your best friend or worse enemy. 

They can quickly feel out of control and vulnerable which is when they let their emotions get the better of them. Happy and content, scorpios are fun, loving and 

protective. If  you pass the test of Scorpios, and yes they may send out a few test to make sure you are safe to let in, they will be a good friend. Scorpios are  secretive, they are very deep ,intense souls, but don’t like to share these deep feelings as they don’t want to appear vulnerable or needy. 

Known as the sexy sign, they usually have stunning  eyes with a mysterious twinkle in them! 

Unlike most signs, they adapt well to change, they know that growth of the soul is important and can move into transitions daily fluidly. 

Scorpios are seductive, emotional, reactive, passionate, intuitive and blessed with an ability to speak their mind with no fear of the consequences. 

The tarot card that connects to Scorpio is the death card. As a rule, scorpios don’t have an issei’s with change and can start over quite easily although they will hold on to that emotional loss which can turn them bitter. Once they have worked on this lesson, they all see and be open to the positive side if change and will embrace their lesson without any bitterness or jealousy. 

The death card 

Natural cycles of life are here now when this card appears. Go with the flow now and let nature takes it course 

The death card asks you to look closely at your life, see what areas are not full filling you, what is not giving you the joy and abundance you deserve.
Using  the power of this card things can change, the death card looks at regeneration, changes, transformation 

See change as a positive way to rebirth something – as the caterpillar does to become a butterfly

Death, change and transformation happens all the time, when this card is pulled it is reminding us that we need to accept change, accept whats going on around us, submit to the powers that be and embrace the transformation. It may not be as easy said than done, however it suggests a more positive approach will be easier for all 

 The death card appears when an old way of living is coming to an end, A cleansing and renewal. A final stage of a situation 

It reminds us death happens to us all, no one is void of the changes, death brings. 

There may be a certain amount of sudden upheaval with this card, depending on the other cards in the spread, but be reminded that as one door closes a new one will open, and your life can be turned around for the better in the end. 

The death card serves us to look at what is un healthy, what do we need to let go off, or to end in order to be happy and fulfilled in our live

On your alters you my want to put tarot cards that bring in the new wishes you are manifesting, you may want to put rose quarts for relationships, photos of yourself and a partner. You may want to balance this out with a  black obsidian crystal, or a two candles in black and white. You could use red items  to reflect the mars energy now. Water to represent the element of Scorpio. What you put on your alter is personnel to you and no one can say what’s right or wrong. It’s about your intent and you power. 

Mystic Blessings

Kate May x





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