New Moon in Taurus

Taurus New Moon

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As a fellow Taurus, this new moon has more impact then most, I am  looking forward to what the new energy brings!

Taurus is the sign of the bull, the sign known for its stubbornness and love of food, money and comfort. Taurus are natural builders, they build a strong foundation in order to feel secure, they dislike insecurities especial where finance and their hime are concerned

With every new moon, its a great time for new beginnings, new ideas and new ways of improving your life. Think about what you want to achive that will have a strong foundation and start to build that around this new moon.

This is a great time to look at your money! What state is your financial situation in right now? Most can be improved on and this New Moon with the strong link to Taurus is a great time to start looking at investments, property, and your possessions. Whats your money plan? Do you even have one? Think carefully about how money can work in your favour with new ideas.

Taurus rules the 2nd house in the Astrology wheel chart, this area is also connected with values. Think about how you value yourself, your worth, How you value others, and at large what your values really are. Once you can establish those values, including yourself, think about how are living your life to those values

Taurus’s are very touchy feely people, they love sensual fabrics, being sensual and all things luxurious. Take a look around your home, are you happy with it, what could you do on this new moon to feel super comfy, are you happy within yourself, we all know in order for others to love us, we must love yourselves first, if you struggle with this, others will too, enjoy a bubble bath, take time to pamper yourself over this new moon, listen to music you love and put on some sensual clothes that make you feel great. If you have a partner, enjoy those sensual pleasures a step further! Find new ways to make you feel special. Taurus love good food, cook a yummy meal and enjoy every mouthful feeling no guilt! Try new foods, new pleasures. Take time for you

Questions to ask yourself over the Taurus new moon, are you being too stubborn, are you being flexible enough, are you being too lazy, to much of a good thing isnt getting the balance right, if the answer is yes to these think new ways of helping yourself more

The New moon in Taurus allows us to slow down and think about what is best for us, although sometimes intolerant and im the worst for that, being a typical Taurus, we are also patient and grounded, so where ever you want the new Moons actions to benefit you the most, slow down, take a breath, re focus and move slowly into building your foundation.

The Tarot card that associated to Taurus is the hierophant  or the pope in some decks.

Tradition, stability, order, not wanting to rock the boat and being comfortable in groups and organisation that have an orthodox approach or who follow rules and regulations. When this card pops up it is saying that like minded folk will be a great choice right now, that you don’t want to rock the boat but bring order and stability in.