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New Moon in Taurus & Solar Eclipse

New Moon in Taurus and the solar eclipse

The first Solar eclipse of the year

Extra special as combined with the new moon in Taurus

Double new vibe energy

In 2022 all the eclipses take place in either Taurus or Scorpio. This is the first of four (they usually come in pairs).

An amazing triple 10:10:10 code is activated:

Sun and Moon will be at 10°

April is a 10 Universal Month in 2022.

10 reduces to 1 – vibration of new beginnings.

The Solar New Moon Eclipse celebrates new beginnings.

10:10:10 symbolizes a triple activation of Instant Manifestation, Love and Light, and the Wheel of Fortune.

Expect the unexpected. Solar eclipses bring transformation, shedding old ways and believes and moving you into a more awakened heightened state of where your soul wants to be

Look back to 2003 what we’re you doing that was big? This energy is being repeated – strangely I got married the first time then! And now Im doing it again!

A time to unlock your true destiny & karma – are you ready for it!

Look at areas in your life that will benefit from making changes

Seeds that need to be planted, should be planted right now

An exciting time of stepping out of your comfort zone and levelling up your energy if you are ready

The new moon in Taurus energy is perfect for, bringing in grounding, earth energy, being realistic with your practical goals and getting things done

Supporting a steady movement, bringing a solid foundation

More security and feeling comfortable in your all areas of your life

Finances can be really good now if you are practical and use your resources wisely

Spend time in nature

Appreciate your body and health – look at ways to feel good in your body

Spend time doing things that bring out your sensual side and tactile pleasures

Enjoy a good meal with family or friends

Find beauty in all that you surround yourself, walk in nature or pamper yourself with treats

Make new ideas happen

Check in on your values and how you value yourself and others now

This is a most auspicious and abundant time, sliding right next to Beltane too, another abundant celebration of renewed and hopeful energies! This weekend is just buzzing, take this chance to re boot your whole life and start the manifestation process of what you want to achieve now

Taurus energy is down to earth and realistic, so this is a great time to accept what is, to let go of fancy pie in sly illusions and come back down to earth, with however the reality that you can create the life you desire for yourself. Practice acceptance and renewed energy vibes. Be mindful of what or who you are letting into your life now and what energy they bring to you – this you are creating around yourself so make sure it’s positive and healthy

You’ll want to check your birth chart for where Taurus falls – as well as the other fixed signs of Scorpio, Leo, and Aquarius – they will be most influenced by this Eclipse season. This will help you understand the area’s most in influenced

This is a time of change, re birth and moving into your real power. Anything is possible now, use this powerful energy wisely and you won’t miss out on magical happenings

Taurus Mantra to use now

I am worthy

I create my reality

I am secure and comfortable in my life

I am open to receiving abundance love and beauty into my life

I am financially independent and have a healthy well-balanced relationship with money

I eat well and maintain a healthy mind body and spirit

Taurus Tarot Spread

*New material ideas to manifest

*Insecurities to let go of

*Money manifestation guidance

*What’s cooking up perfectly to focus on now

*Practical moves to make

*Sensual pleasures to indulge in




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