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New Moon in Taurus & Tarot Spread

New Moon in Taurus .

This is a magical time of renewing your focus and manifesting your desires. Especially in the finance sector as Taurus rules this area. With Jupiter also in Taurus this really is lucky turn in your money areas if you start building upon that now. New doors of opportunity could literally be opening now, if ever you needed a yes go for it, this is it!  Taurus energy is that of a builder. Knock them down, and they will build themselves back even stronger and higher. Practical down to earth and a love of sensual pleasures, this is your time to re boot your financial sector, look at your values and what is of value including yourself and how you can enjoy life’s pleasures, cause you deserve them! A hard-working time but rewards to be repaid. This fabulous time allows us to shift our focus to long term goals, sign contracts, get things in order practically and trusting your intuition, and letting go of any control.

This will lead to a steadier and more successful growth towards your desired outcomes. this time is part of a divine plan for your soul’s growth, preparing you for higher ascension and time line shifts into higher levels of your consciousness This New Moon is about kindness , care, nurturing, and patience for self as you enter into a new phase, and it is a time of new beginnings. It’s important to trust the process, even if you don’t have all the answers or certainty. During this time it can be wise to pay attention to any new people or events that come into your lives, as they may feature prominently in our stories later. This New Moon reminds us to stop selling ourselves short and set intentions to expand self-worth by knowing our own worth within. A grounding energy passes through us now, recharging our base chakra and connections to earth and your inner self. This will help you make practical choices, and find your true values, giving you that push in the right direction for your souls pathway.

Any new projects or plans that start now, have a very good chance of being successful and bringing financial abundance. Focus on manifesting what your heart desires. Venus the planet of love and pleasure rules Taurus, so relationships of all kinds  could be re-ignited, or your passions fired up again. Take all this as positive signs in the right direction. With this new moon in Taurus you may be re evaluating everything, checking in that you are where you want to be, and if your not now is the time to change that. Taurus don’t like change, however they know in the long term that it pays off. Not one to dwell on the past, they move forward sometimes slow but with a certainty that they are doing the right thing. Trusting in the universe and the bigger plans  will be important now. Spend time in nature, east good food, do the things that you love. If you have been lacking in this lately, use this new moon to reset this energy and bring more of it on!

The tarot card that rules Taurus is the hierophant

The hierophant is all about confirming, not wanting to rock the boat and bringing back a sense of normality! The hierophant brings us order, routine and discipline. A religious figure, he can connect to deeply to your spiritual side of wanting to be part of a group of organisation. Following a leader or learning rules and regulations.  Like Taurus, he has strong morals and values. He takes his commitments serious.

Taurus Mantra to use now

I am worthy

I create my reality.

I am secure and comfortable in my life.

I am open to receiving abundance love and beauty into my life.

I am financially independent and have a healthy well-balanced relationship with money.

I eat well and maintain a healthy mind body and spirit.

Taurus Tarot Spread

*New material ideas to manifest

*Insecurities to let go of

*Money manifestation guidance

*What’s cooking up perfectly to focus on now

*Practical moves to make

*Sensual pleasures to indulge in




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