New Moon in Taurus

Today is the new Moon in Taurus!

The new moon takes place when the Sun & Moon are on the same degree of the zodiac, at the same time. The Sun takes 12 months to move through all signs meaning the moon catches up each month creating a new moon phase

Typically the new moon brings us to think about new ideas, new pathways,new ways of thought and feelings. With the Emphasis on Taurus this month, the new energies are those aligned with Security, Finances, Values, Property. Looking at ways to improve these ares will benefit you this time.

Make a financial plan – look at ways you can improve your money and security, bringing in ways to increase them – set out a plan with a slow progress, remember Taurus is about slow, plodding action, but with results. Less haste more speed. Do not  expect things to happen fast with Taurus energy, but do expect a solid foundation to nurture and grow from

Look after yourself – What do you value in your life? have a look at what makes you feel great, how you can feel good from within. Look at your eating habits, Taurus have a mixed relationship with food, we love  it but it doesn’t always love us back! Have a relaxing bath, filled with your favorite bubbles and meditate to feel whats your inner power for self love. Use the new moon to focus on what makes you value yourself more.

Be patient,stay grounded. This energy slows us right down, reminding us to sleep longer if we feel the need, and are lucky enough to have the time, anyone else been feeling extra sleepy this last few week? Nurture our selves from inside, bring in more of what you enjoy doing to really embrace the New Moon In Taurus and focus on your security and finances helping you to feel more in control, ready to purchase that luxurious item you may have been eyeing up! We love good quality items and are partial to treating ourselves, as long as the  financial security is there first 🙂

New Moon Blessings

Kate May x

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