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45 cards separated into 6 different categories.

These Modern Mystic messages have been created to give you guidance and answers in my straight-talking way!

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News letter September

News letter 

Welcome to another Mystic News letter! 

We have had a storming month with you lovely lot taking full advantage of the 50% off offer from the gov! 

Readings and treatments have been super busy so be sure to book up first if you would like any! 07800734911 

I have been approached nay 4 different company’s offering me sone fabulous opportunities including hosting my pwn radio show for an American channel, Live  weekly readings slot for psychic.co.uk  and 2 more that I can’t let out the bag just yet! 

We have had a few weeks break from the Mystic and the medium and Loose mystics but are back this Thursday with Loose Mystics and have a whole host of new guests lined up for The Mystic and the Medium show – follow us on face book or instagram for more info 

As we approach the autumn, there is an awful let of changes that have been happening for so many, seeing the leaves fall off naturally reminds of how good it is to let go off the old and embrace the new! Follow nature. I love the Autumn, for me its a time to reap what I’ve son and start to think about slowing right down for the winter, although I never slow down really mentally bit I do physically and  I do use the time to catch upon books, creative writing and admin work, all the behind the scene things I need to continue running a successful business because as soon as the spring and summer hits I’m out out having fun again! 

Think about what you can do in the colder months that allow to be freer in the spring times. 

We are still holding off certain events until October at the Mystic River Lounge but we are looking to host a mini mystic market! More details coming soon on that! 

We have had some fabulous new stock arrive including new crystals, tarot cards and gifts! We have a sale on the books with buy 1 get 1 free too! 

Next week sees the start of our second online psychic development Course – Tuesdays 7- 8.30 4 weeks for  £35.00  please email me if you are interested for more details katemaymoderndaymystic@gmail.com 

Don’t forget to join my groups on face book – Kate May Modern Day Mystic and  Mystic River lounge

plus follow me on instagram and YouTube  for all updates, live readings and more! 

This month I should see my new oracle cards going to print! I’m so excited! They have been in creation for over a year now but we are so close to teh final pieces coming together I cant wait to share them with you all! 

Treatments are back on including facials, manicures, massage and Indian head massage – book yours with Jemma at Ocean dreams therapy for a treat or as a gift

Have a super September 

Mystic Blessings 

Kate May 

Card of the month 


 When the Magician appears in a spread, it encourages action and manifestation. With each object on the table representing he talents, capabilities and resources at the querent’s hand achieve magical things! . The message is to tap into one’s full potential rather than holding back, especially when there is a need to transform something.

The Magician is usually associated with intellect and skilfull communication. Drawing this card represents having the self confidence to master what you want, indicating  self-confidence passion and drive which allows you to put your  ideas into action. Being practical with your ideas now is the best way to bring them to fruition.  By using your strength and will of determination, success is likely due to your manifesting magic!  When this card appears, you have all the perfect ingredients to bring you success in all areas. On the table by his side is everything g he needs to magic up whatever he wants.There is the spiritual wand,(fire), physical pentacle, (earth), mental sword, (air) and emotional cups,(water) well within reach to bring ultimate power if used correctly. By bringing everything together, synergistically that the impact of what you create is greater than the separate parts. This is alchemy at its best!

The message of the amazing powerful card is… 

This is the perfect time to go for it with ideas and seeds you want to grow. Action is required now, you have the skills, confidence and power to bring into your life anything you want to create – dream big and big things could happen!




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