News Letter

News Letter 

Welcome to This weeks Mystic News Letter 

Well we are back open and what a lovely month it has been seeing all our regulars gorgeous  faces! 

We have as expected put Covid precautions in place. On entering there is hand sanitiser and a track and trace form. I am not policing masks in the coffee shop area, but for treatments and readings  they are recommended 

Demonstrations and groups are still on hold, probably until September, but we do have an online 6 week psychic development course starting Tuesday 28th July 7 pm – please email in for details 

A new Tarot course will begin in September and the Lotus Chakra  heal yourself within course 

We have had some lovely new stock arrive and are looking forward to showcasing some of our customers work too

This coming week on Wednesday we have the lovely Samantha Britton ad her sound healing bath music  for an online meditation – 7pm – see the mystic River Lounge page or group for more details 

Readings are now available face to face now but also still online contact 07800734911 or email in to book 

Treatments are also now available – Facials from the 1st of August but Massage, Nails and Indian head massage are now taking bookings you can book through the mystic river lounge website or contact 07912519941

Do you run your own business but don’t reach enough people? Is social media a pain in the a*** for you? Well, during lockdown, our Jem Jem put her admin manager skills to good use and created a Virtual Assistant business – Jemma Waller V.A. Already with 10 clients under her wing in less then 2 months, thins proving a huge success for her and for her clients – There is a special offer on joining for just £10 an hour until 1st August contact 07912519941

We are open 10 – 4 Tuesday – Friday and 10-2 Saturdays 

Have a fabulous week 

Mystic Blessings 

Kate x 

Card of the week 

The Star 

Element –  Air 

Ruling Planet – Uranus 

Astrology – Aquarius 

Crystal – Aquamarine 

The star card is nothing but positive when it appears, no matter where in a spread. After the tower it is the light and the new hope. 

The Star card represents a new dawn, optimistic thinking and hope. You may feel inspired and blessed now. Your faith being restored and a new outlook on life. 

Renewal and peace, both on the outside and in. The Psychical and the spiritual. A time of growth on all levels. A very good card when recovery is required. 

When this card appears it is lighting the way to be open to the universe for its blessings. Keep optimistic and positive right now as your energies are mirrored.  

The stars are aligned in a perfect position now for you to achieve anything you desire. A very prosperous new start has arrived. Dream big, reach for the stars, Anything is possible right now. 

 The balance of the subconscious and the conscious, heaven and earth, the chakras, everything is aligned and ready.

Finding a new way to enlightenment, discovering your inner and higher self. Changes are occurring for the better, your desires are being fulfilled. This is a perfect time for doing anything new, for bringing in a new way of living, a new way if thinking and improving yourself. Be free to grow into a new and improved version of yourself. 

The message of this card is to shine as bright as you can knowing everything is perfectly aligned for this renewal. Express yourself in truth and in light. A new beginning with hope and optimism is shining brightly now. 

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