Kate May Modern Day Mystic

45 cards separated into 6 different categories.

These Modern Mystic messages have been created to give you guidance and answers in my straight-talking way!

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November Tarot/Psychic Scopes

Tarot/Psychic Scopes

November 2018

I use a mixture of Different Tarot Cards and Psychic intuition to bring you these monthly scopes.

For a full reading on insight such as love, work, health, family and more,contact Kate 07800734911 To book a private reading – party’s – min 4 max 8 or one to one – Email Phone Skype readings also available from 25.00 – 35.00 email katemaymoderndaymystic@gmail.com


This month sees you ready for action, full of your natural fire energy!

Work and creative business ventures are exciting more now than last month, Good news surrounds you and a go for it feeling. Whatever the particular focus creativity, enthusiasm innovation and ambition are all indicated by this month energy’s. You should be able to use these skills to your advantage. If things have been slow of late, this month is the opposite! Busy, fast moving, travel or moves and getting things going.

The excitement is welcomed by your strong strength that you are ready for action now. But is the world ready! Dont be dismayed if others do not follow your passion and excitement right now, they will come round eventually.

Creative news can come in many forms and may be creation itself with the news of tiny feet! If this is the case or you have heard some exciting news you may have to keep mum but it will be oh so difficult!

Mystic Mays Message of the Month – Keep a positive attitude at all times, dont allow other to bring down that happy vibe


This could be an emotional Month. The full moon in your sign also points to things coming to light – Release any sadness, any tears and hurts. Do not be the usual Taurus and bottle things up. If you address any problems head on and in a practical manor they can soon become new beginnings and fresh starts. Emotional or mental pain this month may see you wanting to run away and bury your head in the sand wishing it never happened or pretending things are better, this will only allow the wound to deepen. If there is a disappointment , don’t hold on to it. This could be just the release you need for something better to come along.

This wont fill the whole month, phew! You will be busy enough planning the next course of action, getting this planed  helping you to feel much more in control and back on track. Rest will be important this month because of a busy time coming up.

Mystic Mays Message of the Month – Pamper yourself. Take a well earned break and treat yourself to a spa day, a shopping trip or whatever you feel would help you to feel better


Partnerships and a coming together of like minds sees you in a more happier place. A powerful relationship occurs this month that brings about much better connection and important messages.

Either from this, or on another level the inflow of abundance is yours this November. Important documents or contacts may pop up too.

Business ventures with others look promising and have a positive vibe.

Communication is vital, and that of clear direct communication.

If something feels unconnected speak out and get clarity so you feel more in the know. Financial gain could influence deals or have news around material aspects.

Mystic Mays Message of the Month – Make positive optimistic long term plans. Know that you are on the right path.


Apply caution to help avoid the loss of anything. Rushing in to anything may result in problems on, whether on a material level or non material level. Be super aware of the result of your actions,as well as what others may be doing.

Keep alert.

This will also give you peace of mind that you are using your head and logic senses.

From this you will see any flaws or where improvements also need to made, as well as being able to master who has the best of you at interest

I am not saying to give up on anything just take precautions.

Protect that of which you have created and see things develop with your eyes fully opened.

Mystic Mays Message of the Month – Have Courage and believe in yourself.


You should be feeling right on top of things this month.

A very successful time is coming from this month or onward. Confidently accept opportunities your offered.

There could a be a generous,professional responsible practicable person of strong influence in your life this month.

Sitting proud and strong you should achieve maximum efforts for you.

Creatively, follow your passion and your ideas around work and career.

Be the best at what you do. Rewards are coming your way.

Mystic Mays Message of the Month

Let go of behaviors that are blocking you from your hearts desire.


Chill out a bit more – This month the universe is are asking you to rest, a well earned rest. You have tried your best for several months now and you can keep on trying but you now should have a rest and sit back for a month.

Things are going well.

I am not saying be lazy, keep motivated with your ideas, but sometimes a little step back will allow you to come back as a fully charged as you can be. Imagine that!

Enjoy the rest of this month and next with family close friends and without too much pressure on your shoulders.

Mystic Mays Message of the Month

Relationships that matter are the ones that need your energy or deserve your energy this month.


You have a lot of support around you and many things to be grateful for, but this may not feel enough this month. Get out and socialize or take up the offers that have come your way on recent months. This month with that full moon energy its time to take note, take responsibility and take action.

Try to stop blaming others or stop looking at the dark side of everything, there is a postive to every negative and this month you really need to start seeing that light, but it starts from within and taking responsibilities.

Once this is so, you can make much happier changes.

On the plus side many of you will be feeling a welcome relief of heavy burdens and be able to enjoy a more purpose filled Month.

Good news comes within a family situation but not without lessons learnt for all involved.

My Mystic Message – Spiritually speaking, trust that spirit are hearing you, however you have to be the one that listens too


This Month for you crabs is an important card for personnel transformation. Be open to new ideas, growth. You may have a strong desire to rediscover or find inspirations. You will be looking forward to a more settled lifestyle, getting back to routine and normality – what ever that is!

Bringing renewed hope and faith and feeling you are blessed.

New starts, and feeling happier within yourself. Trust in yourself, your journey, and in the universe right now.

You may be feeling extra generous too!

Aim high, the stars are there for you!

News on good health or feeling revitalized, a new you is coming.

My Mystic Message – Wish upon a star – the heavens are listening to your prayers


Busy Busy Busy, You don’t seem to stop for breath lately and this month is no different. There may be a particular situation which needs your attention more than others, so focusing on one important area or situation rather than juggling several will serve you well.

You are not usually shy of being direct and blunt, and this month you really do need to say something to bring clarity in a situation.

Using your head not your heart, almost detaching yourself emotionally from the situation so you can deal with it in a clear and logical way.

This will not only clear the air, but also give you that much needed focus to pay particular attention to your priorities this month.

My mystic Message – Think Logic not emotional, seek advice you would give a friend and take that advice yourself


This month signifies the start of a new enterprise. Traditionally, this may be a new job or some other business venture, but could also be the birth of something wonderful.

Whatever the particular focus, creativity,enthusiasm,innovation and ambition are all indicated this month and show that you will be able to use these skills with great force to achieve the desire – new beginnings, creativity and inventiveness

A good idea will arise this month that requires action and go getting- more can come from this if you push yourself and do what you’ve been thinking about – this month is about action and creating new opportunity’s from your talents

A great card for new things to happen. Be creative in your thinking, new doors will open for you in expediently.

My Mystic Message – If you miss this months action to go for it, you may kick yourself.


This is the month to knuckle down and get back on track.

Honor your commitments. There is a strong independent dedicated kind and loyal person on your side,they may be supporting you already or coming in around you this month. Use that energy, they are a positive influence.

You have a strong pathway ahead of you, with a lot of positive growth and fulfillment. It is now time to pursue this.

Your feet need to start moving. You have security now for maybe the first time in a long time, this maybe in a home, relationship or work or all 3, or maybe its just within.

My point being that with that security, take the strength to focus, and drive your way to your heards desire

Mystic Mays Message of the month – Integrity. Align your actions so that they match your values and inner knowing of whats right for you


This is a time to pause and reflect, not to take action.

Trust in your special gifts and intuition as nothing is hidden from the divine intuitive.

There may be things going on outside your influence but you must trust.

Spiritually your senses are heightened this month and you may feel very sensitive.

This is a great month for honoring your own beliefs and finding your own inner knowing.

You may also be seeking truth from a spiritual teacher or mentor. Mediation will be favorable this month for your own personnel clarity.

Relationships and activities that you once enjoyed are also changing as you become more senstive

Remember the law of attraction, what you put out you will get back, your actions create cause and effect.

Mystic Mays Message of the Month – Take responsibility for these actions and if you are not happy with your lot – now is a great time to change it.





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