Kate May Modern Day Mystic

45 cards separated into 6 different categories.

These Modern Mystic messages have been created to give you guidance and answers in my straight-talking way!

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October Tarot/Psychic Scopes

October Tarot Psychic Scopes by Kate May

I use a mixture of Different Tarot Cards and Psychic intuition to bring you these monthly scopes.

For a full reading on insight such as love, work, health, family and more,contact Kate 07800734911 To book a private reading – party’s – min 4 max 8 or one to one – Email Phone Skype readings also available from 25.00 – 35.00 email katemaymoderndaymystic@gmail.com


This month Aries, you may have to use your direct dialogue to get what you want! This wont seem unfamiliar with you but may not be to others like or favor!

Keep your cool and be direct but tactful.

Keeping a clear head for business choices and general decisions will work out better for you.

Use your logical side rather than emotional side this month.

Clarity will come from being sure, sharp and direct.

Mystic Mays Message of the month – You know in your head what needs to done or said – Slow down and put it all together in an easy understandable format


You should feel a lot more comfortable with events this month, seeing the bigger picture and being open to learning more will only advance where you want to be. You have teachers all around you, learn from everyone,every thing.

You don’t have to experience everything yourself and you take others experience and turn it to your advantage.

Social invitations, feeling part of something, being involved in groups and organisations will work wonders for you Taurus this October, allowing much further growth, coming your way

Not the best month to start too many new things, more about building what you got now. Leave the brand new steps for another time

Mystic Mays Message of the month – Staying True to you and knowing your key values are to be most important this month. Keep grounded But accept positive appreciation when its due


October is all about practical work and working as a team. Remembering the power of creativity and sharing ideas with team mates will double the creativity.

Having high goals that you set your sights on. But using your practical skills to really home in on the best way to use that energy.

Good support will come from friends and being a team player.

Build and you will grow. This sees the start of something wonderful can be built up and work towards.

Communication is your strong point anyway, and especially this month, but done in a practical way that allows each person to share their creative ideas and work together, building a strong foundation to move mountains from .

Past events may have made you wary but rest assured being open and honest never fails, the truth always comes out and you will be holding only yourself back if you allow these past experiences to eat away into today’s progression

Mystic Mays message of the month – Use the season of changes this October to allow you to see how nature lets go, naturally to allow a new day


Abundance can be yours this month, Family is always important to you or the friends we choose as family. This month is no exception. Good news within a family situation where growth and expansion can put a smile on your face.

This month is also important to look after yourself health, well being in all areas, mentally psychically and emotionally. Pay attention to your diet, your life style and your emotional needs. Be with people that lift you and inspire you. With this in mind a very successful outcome allows you to lead a happier life. Spending time in nature will recharge your batteries, that deep connection to mother Earth will revitalise you allowing you to think clearer.

Mystic Mays Message of the month – What you put in you get out, the power of creativity and growth will be followed by success that allows for a life of luxury


Changes are ahead, both in the seasons and in your life. It is time to move on from old ways and look at creating a new existence. Review the last few months or even the last year, this will be a favourable assessment of the facts.

Take time to release the past, like the leaves of summer fall to ground,It is time to move on in a new direction .

You can not keep going round in circles or delving into the past if you want to be in abetter place.

Not one to take advice usually, but think about it none the less. Reevaluate your life at this point. See how far you have come and how you can make that positive step into a new chapter. Only you have the power to do this, and you can do it!

Take a breath, see the beauty of nature and how as something dies, a new growth will happen naturally.

Mystic Mays Message of the month – Take action now for what you will become, your actions create energy that comes back to you always


You can do it! This month manifestation is your key word!

Use your gifts and natural abilities to attract your desired outcome. Believe in your yourself and your gifts.

Aim high and dream big. There is a bigger picture around you now, and this might involve letting somethings go, in order to focus on that bigger picture you have in mind or want to achieve.

You have been thinking for a while now that a door needs to close in order to open a new one, but you have to really feel when the time is right to do this.

No one can force this, you have to know inside when the time is right but its coming close now.

Mystic Mays message of the month – Be yourself, the truth will always win and people will find their truth either way.Be true to who you are


Arguments may occur around you at the start of this month but soon fade away or get sorted. Everyone seems to have an opinion right now and you may feel you are getting caught up in the drama. If its not your drama then don’t get involved. If it is your drama, then know everyone has their own view on it and it may not match yours, however stick to what you feel is right for you. Don’t keep going round in circles – deal with the issue – move on.

What may seem a short term loss is a long term gain. Be the bigger person, you want harmony and balance and will seek justice to be done but sometimes the best thing to do is let nature take its course.

Communications may be a little tested this month. Find a way to balance everything and bring an end to any confrontations.

Celebrations are also highlighted – could be your birthday celebrations, enjoy them and make some happy memories. Not all is a mess there is a lot of positives around you. Remember to look at the cup half full mot empty – energy attracts energy.

Mystic Mays message of the month – Do unto others as you would do yourself


This month sees the end of cycles , natural changes and doors closing.

Allowing you to seek new inspiration and new ideas.

Doors that close, lead to doors that open.

Only these new doors can not fully open until the olds ones have closed!

You should be feeling a lot more balanced as the month goes on, feelings of frustration lesson as you allow yourself to let go. With the process of letting go, as nature is showing us at this very moment with the leaves from the trees, you will find more peace and harmony within.

You have many good ideas but haven’t had the motivation of late to get them off the ground – this release, will help you to clear your mind to get motivated.

Mystic Mays Message of the month – Be with nature – let go of the old to make way for the new


Freedom and adventure, you love a journey and this month is full of adventure for you.

Take opportunity’s as and when they come up, this month.

Spend time with children or child like people, to bring out the fun side.

Find your inner child and let yourself be free of the responsibilities of life,free of the pressure and weights on your shoulders.

This October find peace in all the fun things, walking in the woods, kicking the leaves, or running through the winds, what ever makes you feel free and liberated.

A new opportunity, that is a small risk could well be worth it if you take that leap of faith. Spontaneous travel or short breaks could also be featured!

Mystic Mays Message of the month – Feel the fear and do it anyway! What have you really got to lose?


Choices, choices and more choices! Emotionally you may be feeling a little drained, however, things are not staying like that, and there is movement ahead but just not yet. Too many options and not enough clarification means that now is not a time to make a big decision.

Get more info and wait until you have all the facts before you go ahead, once that is done it is all systems go!

There is no stopping you both in action and vocally with what you want to do and say. Be careful with your words for once said they can not be returned! However with a sensitive tongue you can win people round or at least let them to see things from your point of view.

House moves are linked with you this month, be it yourself or someone close. But remember to get the facts and figures all correct before signing anything.

Mystic Mays Message of the month – Think first, act later – be careful how you approach things and people


Finances have been a drain for the last few months and this month isn’t much better! So be careful what comes in and what goes out financially speaking. Health wise you need to be careful about your stress levels. Feeling left out in the cold? Do something about it – not everything has a financial influence, there are plenty of things that can help you or make your feel better that don’t cost the earth.

There is help out there, if only you were not so stubborn you would see it.

This help can come in many ways, shapes or forms but is there to assist and help you for times like these when there is a challenge. You have 2 choices – you can either take the hard way and struggle or take the easy option and get support and help but either way, you will come to the same outcome, so it would be wise to make life a little easier for yourself.

Once you have started to get on top of these challenges life has a very positive turn around. You can start to be much more master of your destiny and back in charge of where things should be heading for you.

Mystic Mays Message of the month – Great things start to happen when you start to look at the positives more – when you make changes, change happens


Worry and over worrying can only to lead to more worry! It doesn’t change the situation or make it any better, in fact it makes it worse. Energy has a habit of attracting like! Its easy to say keep positive but that really is your best bet this month!

Although there may be things to worry about, fill your life with activities or people that inspire you and make you feel better – watch the energy change around you

On a more positive note, some good news within the family, this month should lift your spirits, this may be long over due but will certainly put a smile on your face.

Money worries also seem to lift a little this month, just in time to get that fab bargain you sooo deserve!

Mystic Mays Message of the month – Little steps make big changes, try a few little steps each day, towards your goals.





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