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These Modern Mystic messages have been created to give you guidance and answers in my straight-talking way!

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October Tarot Scopes

October Tarot Scopes

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7 swords – Now its not like you Arians to be sneaky? You usually are as upfront as they come? So if this isn’t you then you will need to keep your wits about you to see who is acting a little more snealiky this month! Of course it could also be that your being one step ahead of the game – hedging your bets or treading on eggshells a little. The influence of this card for you this month is both positive, in that you may be able to identify that source and change your circumstances, and negative, in that this source may well be aware of you and deliberately sabotaging you. Usually though any thing uber hand will come to light, more fool them!


Page of Cups – Good news awaits! This could be the start of something new, fun and creative. There could be messages of good news and exciting opportunists. As this is the page though , it will be on a early level, either the start of something or connected to a younger person.

This could be a month to bring out your inner child, have some fun and do things that you love.

There could be news that comes out of the blue. Make sure you are the one that takes the gifts to bring fruition and its not left to someone else


7 Wands – There is great reward in winning battles, but the next part is to maintain that power. Don t let anyone take away your power or self control this October. This month the cards ask you to stand your ground , stay firm and believe in yourself. You are in a good position but you must stay grounded and strong. Be assertive and go for what it is you are searching for. Others my try and take what youve achieved, but don’t let them! You will need to secure what ever it is your fighting for and take a strong stand. Whatever obstacles come in your way, know that your desire to succeed them will win the battle if you hold on to that drive


3 Pentacles – This month is about team work. Whatever is going on around you, its better with a team to support. This card reflects that no one is better than anyone else but together you can fill in the gaps and build something marvelous. Friendships are important right now and helping each other. You may find that you want more than a friendship with someone but usually with this card it talks about forming trust and practical friendships first

This October you may be looking to expand on something that will need planning and practical accuracy in order to get the end result that you want


6 Cups – You may be looking back over the past, or feeling nostalgic this October. You could have someone from the past pop back up into your life. This card reflects healing from past emotions and learning to not live in the past but be thankful for the positive memories. It could also connect to an old job or an old idea you had a while back, that may come back up now.

This Month is about creating happy memories that you can look back on in years to come. What ever or who ever connects now from the past, be sure to only let the happy influences effect you. Offers and gifts could come your way – Which you would love Leos, accept graciously allowing rifts or emotional situations to now heal

Virgo – 2 Swords

You may feel a little stuck and indecisive this month Virgos. You wont be happy with that and this could leave you feeling a little frustrated. Take some to to souls search the answers – go within, mediate and feel which is the right path.2S are decision making and swords are mental so your thinking needs to be thought about! However, you need to take a step back and just be for a while, at least until you are more clearer, emotionally as to the direction you should go in. so

Libra – The High Priestess

Many of you have birthdays this month – So happy birthday!

The month starts off where you will ned to trust your intuition and follow what feels right for you. Mediation and possibly searching for deep rooted questions will be the months focus. You could be seeking advice from mystics or looking to join spiritual groups or simply just having to trust your own needs. Keep an eye out for all the signs spirit love to show us, such as a Robin , a butterfly or a song even numbers – there are so many signs and this card reflects keeping an open mind to what your siul needs to hear and learn.

If your seeking advice its best it comes from within. New things that you are weighing up may be kept secret for a little while longer until your more certain of where its going.

Scorpio – The Empress

Maternal instincts will bear a postive influence this month. Possible family news with additions! The Empress can signal fertility but also on areas of your life that you want abundance from. Family matters will be important and maybe mum or if you area parent, that being significant. The Empress has the influence of nurturing your self, looking after yourself, Eating better, exercise more, spending time in nature – all of these will be beneficial to you this month.

What ever you are now planning to grow, you will need to spend time nurturing it and not waste times on things that no longer feed your soul. Abundant times are ahead but you will need to get the balance right so your fruit can have the best chance of fruition. Family and yourself are the most important factors here though so anything where you can enjoy quality down time will benefit you.

Sagittarius – Queen of Wands

This October you are called to step up. Where you may have been bend back or felt slightly out of control in the last couple of months, now you can take a much more leader ship role. You should feel excited and a lot more assertive with new plans that can come to fruition with a leadership approach. Expect the influence of important people, especially those that share your enthusiasm and have a strong mind to get things moving. Trust your intuition too as above all, that is in your favour now. Your strength and determination plus some fire in your belly will get you where you want to be.

Capricorn – 3 wands

This October is about planning and being able to move forward from just thinking about things to actually progressing with them. A very positive card and with the influence of thinsg working out in your favor so the next step is really to expand on that. Things will work better with others, or where others can be part of the team. Possible travel connects to this card, especially planning of it.

Excited for the next part of your plans and with everyone working together, there should be no problems. Think about the longer term and how you can expand even more.

Action is very much influenced with this card so there is no more procrastinating, things are about to get interesting!

Aquarius – 3 Cups

Celebrations are in the air! There could be parties or other social events that see you enjoying yourself and being in a position to let your hair down more. The month is good for doing things you love and spending time with people who make you feel great!

There should be some good news worth celebrating this October, and you may be enjoying that with friends or loved ones. This isn’t the month to get too series about anything, more about enjoying life and having fun along the way.

Pisces – Queen of swords

This October you may have to step outside your comfort zone and shout a little louder. This card reflects that you may have to speak up for yourself or where there could be some crossed words. Using your logical head not your emotions, you need to see things in a rational way.

Get clarity from the truth. Your own and others. You may have to get some advice from a strong speaking blunt woman who can get to the point of the matter quite sharply. While there could be some clarity thats needed this October, You will need to be direct and straight to the point to get it.




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