Kate May Modern Day Mystic

45 cards separated into 6 different categories.

These Modern Mystic messages have been created to give you guidance and answers in my straight-talking way!

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Pisces season begins on the 18thor 19thof February. 

 As the last sign of the zodiac, Pisces Season is a time of endings and beginnings, It is a time to wrap up the energies of the last 12 months (yay)and look forward to new things, and jezze don’t we all need something to look forward to know! 

See how the two fish swim in opposite directions, this represents cause and effect. Pisces connects to Karma energy. What actions we take will cause an effect 


Key words 

Positive – Dreamy, Creative, Imaginative, Kind, Caring, Musical 

Negative – over sensitive, Lazy, Self-pity, Delusional 

The symbol and power animal of Pisces is the fish. A water sign that is deeply sensitive, intuitive and emotional. Governing the 12th house in Astrology, the house of unseen realms, our subconscious, and mysteries. Ruled by Neptune the planet of psychic, sensitivity, illusions and dreams 

The sun moves into Pisces on or around the 19th of February until or around the 20th March 

Pisces are super sensitive, they can bury their heads in the sand, and see things through rose tinted glasses. They are usually creative and artistic. They are friendly and enjoy deep conversations with people, but just as much enjoy their own company. They can have a tendency towards dependencies. 

They are extremely helpful without wanting anything back. 

As a water sign they are super emotional but also empathetic and sensitive. They are intuitive and often have a Love of the super natural, and creative music. They are kind, caring and generous, compassionate and easy to talk too. They usually have amazing eyes that you can dive deep into! They are forging and one of the most tolerant and forgiving signs. 

Pisces wear their heart on their shoulders, they change their minds often but are honest enough to say so. They get hurt easily but love hard. They listen to their feelings and instincts over their heads. 

Pisces are not realist and prefer to live their life in their own dream world, which often causes them problems when having to live in the real world. They make loving partners and are very romantic. Compassionate and easy going, they enjoy affection and won’t hesitate to express theirs. They lose themselves in music and every now and again, they need to escape from people and life to detach themselves emotionally from everyone and everything for their own well-being. Highly intuitive they can sense things a mile off and are usually right! 

Tarot card – Moon

Element – Water

Crystal – Amethyst 

Flower – Water Lilly

Colour – Purple

Metal – Mercury 

Planet – Neptune 

Symbol -Fish

Body – Feet  


Planet of dreams, illusion’s, delusions. Spirituality, oneness and addictions 

 Represented by our intuition and spiritual desires. The planet of thanks and compassion. Uranus the God of the sea. Reflected in our dreams, psychic ability, mind and subconscious. Deception, addictions and hidden agendas. Neptune influences our desire to understand the hidden realms, to tap into our inside potential and seek other worlds beyond what we can see

The Tarot card connected to Pisces is the moon 

In the Moon card, we see a shining full moon (with a crescent within), this represents the essence of this card, our subconscious and ever-changing emotional moods, our dreams and hopes. In the back ground we see the twin pillars, symbolising the opening of the next world, or an illusion of dreams.  On the land infant we see a dog and a wolf, this represents friend or foe, who to trust or not. In a world full of the unknown, we have to trust our intuition when faced with situations that are not yet clear.  

The animals are the tamed and the untamed. As yet we are not sure.  The Cray fish coming out of the stream or water, our emotions, offers this act of unknot certainty, will he come out or will he go back in. The unknown of actions with emotional effect. 

The moon reflects emotional changes, delusions and hidden energy. Be aware as something may not be as clear as you had first thought! 




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