Kate May Modern Day Mystic

45 cards separated into 6 different categories.

These Modern Mystic messages have been created to give you guidance and answers in my straight-talking way!

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Retail & Coffee Shop

Earlier this year we were lucky enough to open a coffee shop and offer our clients a space to have fresh coffee, teas, home made cakes, lunches and much more. Free Wifi and a relaxing atmosphere if you just want to chill out or catch up on your admin work!

Our range of yummy food and beverages include

Fresh Coffee – Teas – Large Selection of Herbal Teas – Cold Drinks – Milkshakes – Hot Chocolate – Jacket Potatoes – Toasties – Sandwiches – Paninnies  all with a wide of fillings from Cheese, Bacon, Ham, Tuna – Bacon Brie Cranberry –  BLT – Salads – Plus snacks of Fruit,Crisps,Chocolate, and in the warmer weather – ice lolly s, ice cream with strawberry’s!  We also serve Salad bowls, and made to order lunches – plus free delivery locally and take out!

These are some of the lovely comments so far received

“Wow amazing place” – “Very friendly and relaxing atmosphere”

“Lovely food and very good priced”

“I love coming here to do my work, the free WiFi and chilled atmosphere is great “

“The girls are so friendly, I feel at home here”

“This place is so light and has an amazing feel to it!”- “Kate has  made me feel so welcome they always make time to chat to me, I love it here “- “Such an amazing feel to the place: – T”he energy is amazing in here” – “Very bright and refreshing place” – “This is just what Portsmouth needs, everything is fantastic” – “Love the food and a chance to unwind in peace and quiet”

I” love the fact I can meet my friends here for lunch and do some shopping at the same time”- “Beautiful place and im always made to feel so welcome”. “A separate room for readings and healing therapies is great”, “The stock is a great price, ive bought loads here already and will continue to come here”




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