45 cards separated into 6 different categories.

These Modern Mystic messages have been created to give you guidance and answers in my straight-talking way!

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Key words 

Positive – Honest – Adventurous  – Optimistic – Independence

Negative – Cold – Blunt – Selfish – Tactless – Awkward 

The Sign of Sagittarius is represented by the  anchor.

The Sun enters the sign of Sagittarius around the 22nd November until 21st December. They Connect to the 9th house in the astrological wheel which has the influence of long distance travel, adventures fortune luck and teacher 

A fire sign, Sagittarius are ambitious, restless seek adventures and  live life to the max! 

Sagittarius can give it but cant take it, they can be direct and brash but are actually quite sensitive when people speak in the same way to them. They act cool but have a warm center

They don’t like to be bossed about, much prefer to be the boss and teaching others the way to do things. They need their freedom so anyone trying to control them will be shown the door quickly and abruptly. 

They have a great sense of humour and can win people over with their charm however they can be cold and rather blunt, leaving those more sensitive feeling hurt and lost. 

They are ruled by the planet Jupiter, the planet of luck, so the may seem to always fall on their feet. Sagittarius are great company for those that can handle them. They love to travel, have fun with adventures and are not afraid to take risks. They have nose for following their goals, no matter who gets in their way. They need excitement in their lives and enjoy a chase. 

Highly independent, they like to make their own choice.  They like the sound of  their own voice and are great at boosting their own ego. They are not planners more go getters. They love a good social  or party and can be fun and entertaining, but will leave sharpish when they get bored. They like to think rather than feel so using their intellect rather than their emotions suits them better. 

Sagittarius are easy going, they have interesting things to say but can be too assertive with their opinions. The question a lot, they love to learn and are great at observing, stacking up everything to expand their own knowledge. Easily to become restless an d anxious, they prefer open space and exploring. Their words can be cutting but they won’t realise, to them they are speaking the truth. 

Tarot card –  Temperance 

Element – Air 

Crystal – Lapis Lazuli, Turquoise

Flower-  Carnation 

Metal – Tin 

Colour – Yellow 

Planet – Jupiter 

Symbol – Anchor

Body – Thighs, hips,liver pituitary gland, and sciatic nerve.

Tarot spread for Sagittarius Season

*How can you expand your luck now

*What do you need to do to have more fun

*How can you liberate yourself now

*Knowledge coming your way

*Adventure message




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