Samhain/Halloween tarot spread 6 cards £15


Samhain, pronounced sow in or sah in, is a celebrated Celts festival half way between the autumn and winter equinox Beginning at dusk around October 31st and lasting 3 days, marking the transition between light and dark. It is said to be when the veil between our world, the physical and the spirit world becomes thinner. Allowing our Ancestors to walk freely between making their presence known. As a spiritualist, I believe this to be the case all year round. But I do find this is a great time to honour our ancestors and think about what we have learnt from them, how our lives now have been shaped because of them.

This is a great time for divinations now due to the heightened energy. It’s no surprise to me that it falls during Scorpio season, known as the psychic sign. Deeply intuitive and accepting of change more than any other sign. As time has gone on, this time is also known as Halloween, where lights are put outside, warning off any unwelcome visitors and lighting the way home. Sadly, some religions brought into fear based control, giving pagan and Spiritualists a poor name with inaccurate accounts of the real reason behind this festivity Throughout the year, other festivals are celebrated using the light and dark of the yearly seasons.

Samhain is mostly significant representing a new year, Many, including myself will feel a closure at this time of year, and a new vibe approaching. A new cycle. A time for making winter preparations, harvesting the last of the crops and slowing down. Feasts are often held now celebrating this harvest and setting up important deals as they would have done in the past with new Kings and Gods. Debts were paid, and finding a more balanced way of being awakened. A great time now to look at practical things in your life, ready for the new year.

According to the world history encyclopaedia, “The 17th century CE Irish historian, Geoffrey Keating, wrote in his seminal work, The History of Ireland, that all fires were to be extinguished at the start of the Samhain festival. The druids, the ancient Celtic priests, would light a new bonfire, into which the bones of the animal sacrifices would be tossed (this “bone-fire” gives us our modern word ‘bonfire’). From this fire, others would light their torches and carry the flames home to relight their own hearths. Perhaps fittingly, much mystery shrouds the festival of Samhain from our modern vantage point. We cannot know for sure exactly what would have taken place, but historians believe the festivities included animal sacrifices, dancing, and the donning of costumes made from animal skins, and possibly, animal heads.”

Trick or treat Many children and adults dress up and knock doors decorated with pumpkins and Halloween decorations for trick or treat. Hoping to fill their goodie bags with sweets. This traditionally is done on October 31st If no treat was given a trick was played instead. This goes way back to the 16th century, when people would go round houses performing for food for the winter months. Witches believe in magic, we believe “psychic energy” can be raised through dance, song, building the power and raising the vibration.

Rituals are held celebrating our ancestors and raising the vibration enough to conjure up our connections with the dead. Some believe that that those who have died and have yet not to cross over, will be able to do so at this time of year. As a spiritualist, I personally don’t believe people are stuck in between worlds but the power of mass certainly heightens the energy now!

I’ve created a couple of fun tarot spreads to celebrate this time of year The first of Samhain/ Halloween the second is a witchy tarot spread

Samhain/Halloween Tarot spread

*What is the vibe you are attracting now

*What are the ghosts of your past that need to be released now

*What can you learn from your ancestors now

*Trick coming your way

*Treat coming your way

*What is being carved you for you for the next 6 months Witchy Tarot Spread

*What is bubbling away making positive progress

*Shadow side that is blocking you

*Pointy finger for focus

*What black cat luck is coming your way

*Witchy Tarot message

Samhain/Halloween Youtube Tarot Spread

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