Key words

Positive – Intuitive, emotions, loyal , sexual, passionate, intuitive, brave 

Negative – Secrets, Cruel, sting in their tail, jealous, manipulative, paranoid

The Sign of Scorpio is represented but the scorpion. 

The sun enters their sign on October 23rd until November 22nd 

They are the 8th sign of the astrological zodiac representing change, sex, re generation and others peoples money. 

Scorpios are known for having a sting in their tail. Once crossed they can be bitter and cruel. 

They have a passion that runs deep are independent and loyal. They are not afraid to make a statement no matter what people think 

They love debates, and won’t back down when they think they are right. 

They can seem intimidating, aggressive and cold to some, but those that have their trust they are loyal and know they are ruled by their emotions, their heart. While they may not think things through properly, they do listen to what their intuition is saying and follow their heart. They can vibe your best friend or worse enemy. 

They can quickly feel out of control and vulnerable which is when they let their emotions get the better of them. Happy and content, scorpios are fun, loving and 

protective. If  you pass the test of Scorpios, and yes they may send out a few test to make sure you are safe to let in, they will be a good friend. Scorpios are  secretive, they are very deep ,intense souls, but don’t like to share these deep feelings as they don’t want to appear vulnerable or needy. 

Known as the sexy sign, they usually have stunning  eyes with a mysterious twinkle in them! 

Unlike most signs, they adapt well to change, they know that growth of the soul is important and can move into transitions daily fluidly. 

Scorpios are seductive, emotional, reactive, passionate, intuitive and blessed with an ability to speak their mind with no fear of the consequences. 

Tarot card – Queen of cups 

Element – Water 

Crystal – Topaz 

Flower – Geraniums 

Metal –  Iron

Planet – Pluto

Symbol -Scorpion 

Colour – Black & dark red 

Body – Reproductive system & sexual organs