Self Sabotaging Tarot Spread 5 cards

Self Sabotaging Tarot Spread 5 cards

Self Sabotaging, sadly is way too common. Some of us do it without even realising. Repeating unhealthy patterns that can spiral out of control before we know it. What is needed to break the patterns is finding the root cause of the problem. For some it will go back many many years, often to childhood. I created this spread to help people find that root issue. To help show up what needs to be let go off and action required. Of course for deep rooted issues more support will be needed but this tarot spread hopes to highlight the start of healing from any self sabotaging you may recognise

Self Sabotaging Tarot Spread

Repeated unhealthy patterns

Root of problem

What to let go of

Actioned needed now

Support message

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