Kate May Modern Day Mystic

45 cards separated into 6 different categories.

These Modern Mystic messages have been created to give you guidance and answers in my straight-talking way!

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September Psychic/TarotScopes

September 2018 Psychic/Tarotscopes


 I use a mixture of Different Tarot Cards and Psychic intuition to bring you these monthly scopes.

For a full reading on insight such as love, work, health, family and more,contact Kate 07800734911 To book a private reading – partys – min 4  max 8 or one to one – Email Phone Skype readings also available from 20.00 – 35.00 email katemaymoderndaymystic@gmail.com



This month signifies the start of a new enterprise. Traditionally, this may be a new job or some other business venture, but could also be the birth of something wonderful.
Whatever the particular focus, creativity,enthusiasm,innovation and ambition are all indicated this month and show that you will be able to use these skills with great force to achieve the desire – new beginnings, creativity and inventiveness
A good idea will arise this month that requires action and go getting- more can come from this if you push yourself and do what you’ve been thinking about – this month is about action and creating new opportunity’s from your talents
A great card for new things to happen. Be creative in your thinking, new doors will open for you unexpediently.

My Mystic Message – If you miss this months action to go for it, you may kick yourself.






This Month signifies the burdens of excessive work for you! You may have been taking on too much responsibility, a weight on your shoulders and too much stress while you pursuit your goals. You may also be bearing the responsibilities of having achieved great things, followings promotion or work expansion beyond a certain level.
You may feel the pressure, so be kind to yourself, don’t take on much more and delegate where you can.
The end is insight of this pressure, so don’t give up, keep going, just don’t take on much more! Soon you will be turning the corner and from all this pressure, you will soon have more focus and your energy & excitement will return
Your hard work is paying off, but the amount of it is just feeling a bit over committed this month so be kind

Mystic Message – Finish a job first before taking on new projects



Changeability is the key word this month! Representing unpredictability but in a way that you can cope.
You can alter your position,viewpoint or direction quickly and without warning this month, leaving others wondering how you do it!
However this month you will do so with such charm and sophistication that you wont let others down.
Travel & change are also strong for you this month, perhaps at sudden or short notice but again you can handle this.
Be prepared for the unexpected this month, but know that it will be for best outcome in the long run A strong influence of someone who is charming and sophisticated may come into your life this month that may change the course of things expediently, which you will be absolutely fine with
Feeling much more incontrol and getting a balance will be the end result of patience

My mystic Message – Know that a good outcome often comes from a long road but the experience will be worth it





This Month for you crabs is an important card for personnel transformation. Be open to new ideas, growth. You may have a strong desire to rediscover or find inspirations. You will be looking forward to a more settled lifestyle, getting back to routine and normality – what ever that is!
Bringing renewed hope and faith and feeling you are blessed.
New starts, and feeling happier within yourself. Trust in yourself, your journey, and in the universe right now.
You may be feeling extra generous too!
Aim high, the stars are there for you!
News on good health or feeling revitalised, a new you is coming.

Mystic Message – Wish upon a star – the heavens are listening to your prayers


As you move into September, the birthday celebrations may be over, but there is still plenty to celebrate! Happy harmonious environments are yours this month, any arguments you are not in the mood for and will happily walk away in to your own contented bubble
A month of stability and feeling more secure than most of the year so far! Surprises are also likely this month, those of a positive kind
This month sees creative potential and the great structure that forms showing you the time now is ready for breakthrough especially within work or creative ventures
Others will be ready to join in your celebrations too, and there could be family news or weddings that bring people together.
Recognition is now being paid off at last, your hard work is allowing you to build new foundations for a securer September

Mystic Message – Celebrations and happy endings are there if you play your cads right


The last few months have seen you all over the place! Your emotions have been pulled this way and that, you have left people behind and you have forged new friendships.
This time has been about letting go of what no longer serves you, finding what suits your purpose and path way much more.
Some of you may have already had your birthday some are still to celebrate it, either way things are looking up for you, especially within personnel matters.
Your career/work may have been slow or just steady of late and not too exciting, but with the personnel changes could you really handle any more excitement in your work area? Probably not. September gives you a bit more balance to see things clearer for the next few months
Look at the cup now half full not half empty and put the positive vibes out there and you will soon get back what you put out there

Mystic Message – Balance and Harmony are started to surround you now


Busy Busy Busy, You don’t seem to stop for breath lately and this month is no different. There may be a particular situation which needs your attention more than others, so focusing on one important area or situation rather than juggling several will serve you well.
You are not usually shy of being direct and blunt, and this month you really do need to say something to bring clarity in a situation.
Using your head not your heart, almost detaching yourself emotionally from the situation so you can deal with it in a clear and logical way.
This will not only clear the air, but also give you that much needed focus to pay particular attention to your priorities this month.

Mystic Message – Think Logic not emotional, seek advice you would give a friend and take that advice yourself






Partnerships are looking much better for you, both in love and work. While normally a sign to keep your emotions underwraps, you can now feel more comfortable opening up and sharing the lurve!Harmony and good choices are being made this month within partnerships
Your intuition is spot on as usual this month, and you may look at joining a psychic development class or enhancing your spiritual knowledge with a new teacher.
Keep an eye on the signs spirit give us, a feather, a coin or a name on a road side, they are all around you this month telling you its ok , believe and trust.
Any challenges that may occur you know deep within that all shall be how it should be and you can trust that your prayers are being answered.
Handling things in a sensitive nature will also go in your favour, known for a sting in your tail, but this month you know you can handle situations calmly and caringly for the best results

Mystic Message – Your time is coming at last to be where you’ve wanted to be


September is a mixed month of carefree days on the outside but emotional challenges on the inside,if you have a partner this will help you to off load and share any concerns, for those single Sagittarian s, look to a good friend to confine in. A problem shared is a problem halved they say.
Using 2 heads instead of one will help with decisions.
On the outside though, you will smile and carry on, try and accept as many social invitations that you can
You have high ideas of what you want to do but may have to re think things or relearn a trade to become more of an expert and gain more confidence.
Ideas will be popping in your head between now and Christmas, some will work and some will need a little more insight if they are to be as successful as you would hope
Family situations are changing, maybe a child is outgrowing the nest? What ever the situation is you will see the positives in this, as long as you have some control in the matter.

Mystic Message – Don’t run before you can walk, wait until you are more clearer before embarking on new things


Thinking of eating healthy? Changing your diet or lifestyle for the better, This month you have the extra motivation to get going on matters that concern yourself.
Focus on yourself this month instead of others, let others look after themselves a little more allowing you the time to spare on yourself.
Getting involved in other peoples business may be another challenge this month, but really it will serve you no favours by worrying about what others are or are not up too. That energy could be best used in your won affairs.
Be there as a friend to those that need support but maybe keep your opinions a little low key if you want to keep a calm line
Keep your energies high, use that motivation in a positive way, and know when to be there and when not be for friends or family members

Mystic Message – Worry will only cause you to worry more, smiling will cause you to smile more – remember like attracts like






The recent planet activity have left you feeling a little unsettled for the last few months but now much clearer in your thought and direction, you may be changing jobs or finding a new routine but September sees the calmer waters after the rocky roads. You are ready to move forward and start living your life again in a more favorable way. A very thoughtful sign, there is much in your head still this month but your getting better to action things rather than just talking about them. This month proves that walking the talk works.
Exciting opportunities present themselves this month, giving you even more motivation to action your thoughts.
Say yes to offers, get out there and make this month the bets yet!
Luck is on your side but only with action.
Use your past losses or unhelpful experiences to make a way forward, knowledge is wisdom and power.
With a positive attitude and your powerful knowledge you can make things happen

Mystic Message – The time to get moving is now


Wow Pisces, September starts with the full moon just been in your sign, so you particularly will be feeling the lightbulb moments, seeing the bigger picture or just feeling much more aware of the situations around you now.
You have a lot of support around you and many things to be grateful for, but this may not feel enough this month. Get out and socialize or take up the offers that have come your way on recent months. This month with that full moon energy its time to take note, take responsibility and take action.
Try to stop blaming others or stop looking at the dark side of everything, there is a postive to every negative and this month you really need to start seeing that light, but it starts from within and taking responsibilities.
Once this is so, you can make much happier changes.
On the plus side many of you will be feeling a welcome relief of heavy burdens and be able to enjoy a more purpose filled Month.
Good news comes within a family situation but not without lessons learnt for all involved.

Mystic Message – Spiritually speaking, trust that sprit are hearing you, however you have to be the one that listens too




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