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September TarotScopes

September Tarotscopes from Kate May Modernday Mystic

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Aries – 3 wands

The Three of Wands sees that your plans are now well underway and you may be offered even more opportunities to expand your horizons and bring about a better potential outcome. Travel plans may pop up this month along be it with work or pleasure. This card indicates that now is the time to start forging a head with what you have been planning recently. Team work may work well with you for September as long as every one is on the same page. Everything is progressing steadily

It is time to think bigger than before and acknowledge great opportunity’s that present themselves. This month is about preparing for the bigger picture and being a little more adventures than usual



Taurus – 10 swords

The ten swords, sees difficult times that are coming to an end. This month starts of with an ending, this is great though, all those challenges that have popped up in the last few months are now finishing and wont be back! This is a karmic card and says the karmic debt has now been paid there for you can see the light and be renewed. If anyone has let you down of late, know that the lessons have been learnt and you can finally look forward to a better month.

While his is a challenging card and some of you Bulls may still have to go or are still going through it this month, accept, learn and pick yourself up. The pain of this card reminds us of our actions to change what can be changed and accept what can not – accepting and healing knowing that is the end of the difficult cycle

Gemini – 9 swords

You may be worrying excessively about a situation, and allowing negative thoughts to get the better of you, leaving you stressed and anxious. Over worrying, leading to troubled sleep and depressive thoughts may hit you harder this month than usual. Be aware of adding to your worries just as energy and thought attracts one another – what may have started off as a little niggle, over time can be built up into something huge if our thoughts and fears allow.

This month the message is about not over thinking, and instead asking for help and support. By taking a deep breath and realizing that life is not as dreadful as it seems and that the more you worry, the more harm you are doing to yourself you can release this anxiety. Quite often this card reflects whats going on in your minds as opposed to reality. Be gentle on yourself this month Geminis

Cancer King of Pentacles

As a person the King of Pentacles represents a mature successful grounded man who is good in business, patient, stable, secure, loyal and a hard worker. He is a generous provider but is not careless or frivolous with his wealth and he doesn’t gamble or take silly risks. You may find you encounter such a person this month, they would have to be of some significance for them to appear in your monthly reading however. The king of pentacles also asks you to act in a sensible practical matter over your money and material assets. This is a great card indicating great news around business owners and investments. This month you should see your hard work paying off with financial rewards. You are the king! Everything has or is coming up trumps for you – what a great month!

Leo – 9 wands

This is a great card for you Leos, your just coming out of Leo season now and things should be settling down for you. The nine of wands see you making a small breakthrough from going round in circles,banging your head against a brick wall. Although there is still a little more to go through this month, you should be seeing much more clearly now your path way.

Even though you my be at your wits end – you stand strong and should continue to establish your boundaries and fiercely protect those lines. You have the inner resources necessary to overcome any difficulty you encounter this September

Virgo – The Devil

This is your birthday month and you have the devil in you! Now that could be in many ways – It represents being seduced by the material world and physical pleasures. Also living in fear, domination and bondage, being caged by an over abundance of luxury, discretion should be used in personal and business matters.

This month try not to let things bind you, don’t get over materialistic to the point it becomes an obsession. You could find the darker side falls by your way with depression or the wrong path way or that you are dealing with some one of that nature. There is relief though, this card is far better reversed. It allows the chains of control to fall off, you don’t have to be so tempted or consumed

Libra – The world

A fantastic card for you Libras this September – the world is all about things coming full circle, loose ends tying up, completion and the start of a new chapter. There  is a sense of wholeness, achievement, fulfillment and completion. It may mean holiday’s and travel to some of you.

This shows up when cycles have completed and in a happy upbeat manor its time for an exciting new chapter. The world is your oyster. There is much balance now this month and you can happily move forward. Celebrate your successes and enjoy the pleasure of having brought your goals to fruition.

If you are feeling stuck now is a prefect time to end cycles and start over, reflecting of the past so that you can be more content for this new cycle

Scorpio – 5 Wands

This month Scorpios you start it off with battles! The five of wands bring battle, arguments and conflicting. This may be with others or with yourself in your own mind. The good news is that’s its only a minor card so it doesn’t have to be really volatile. Right now now one is hearing each other, people are too busy gosiping or arguing, no wonder there is conflict

The card shows people fighting but on a closer look they are not actually touching the wands of their competition. This means that the confrontations or conflict is just opinions and not fact. Don’t worry what others say, there are more important things to be getting on with. If you find yourself in this situation, see it as an opportunity to rise above the chaos and disorder. If this is your mind and your battling different things, take a step out and meditate to become clearer of your thoughts

Sagittarius – Knight of swords

This is a man or woman on a mission,highly driven, ambitious and action-oriented. Challenges and obstacles wont face you this month because you are so driven however rushing without thinking can cause problems, you may be tempted to cut corners or not see potential problems so in your rush to achieve everything, slow down a little and have a heads up.

You are very powerful this month so use that energy in the right way and and continue driving to your highest potential, just slow down a little and have a heads up so your driving doesn’t cause a crash!

Capricorn – Page of cups

What a lovely card for you this month. New ideas on a creative vibe, possible you will hear some baby news, more likely some thing of a surprise will pop up for you this month, bit in a good way! This is a great month to start dreaming about what it is you want to bring around you.

There is creative energy bubbling away, have an open and curious mind. Be open to anything and out of the blue who know what will come up! A feeling of joy and excitement this September. You will have to trust your instinct and listen out for all the messages being sent your way

Younger people may feature more than usual this month especially those with a creative flare and a good imagination!

Aquarius -2 Pentacles

The two of Pentacles this month sees yo juggling things, particularly on a material level. This could be 2 jobs to homes, or 2 projects. You are kept fairly busy and will be keeping your head above water as you go. This month it is about time management and how to manage your time and your priorities carefully. Your workload is high right now, and to get everything done, you need to stay focused and productive.

This card also reminds you to pay special attention to your general administration, including paying bills managing finances, staying on top of your commitments and maintaining your diary. Be careful that you do not miss important deadlines, meetings and other obligations.

This September be patient, flexible and adaptable as you juggle your way through the month

Pisces’s – The Moon

The moon is like yourself – full of illusions, delusions and mystical things! There may be something going on this month that you simply cant seem to put your finger on but you know! Trust your intuition this September and know that there are hidden things going on, this could be as subtle as your own feelings or something bigger tat is yet to unfold.

The Moon is a card of illusion and deception, and therefore often suggests a time when something is not as it appears to be. Perhaps a misunderstanding on your part, or a truth you cannot admit to yourself.

Be careful of making fast decisions when the Tarot Moon card appears because you may later realise you only had half the information you needed. You will need to listen to and trust your intuition so you can see beyond what is in front of you.




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