Spiritual Life Coaching and Life Coaching

Life Coaching sessions

Spiritual Life Coaching supports you to help get your life back on track, how to take control of your life and have the confidence to be the best you.

Using simple coaching techniques designed to support your life for now and the future. We look at your blocks, repeated behaviour patterns, and any unhealthy influences that are leading you to not be fully in control of your life now

If happy too we use the tarot or angel cards  as guidance and insight rather than telling you what you need to do, these sessions are about empowering you to make your own life choices and taking personnel responsibility, which I believe is a huge step in to taking control of your own life and actions

If you are not comfortable with tarot or any divination we use the techniques I have acquired during my training

The first session we start with a consultation before the coaching sessions start.

Life Coaching

Life Coaching is to help you see your life from a different perspective and support you to make life changes that bring about not only your lifestyle changes for a more positive and authentic you!

I am fully qualified after taking courses on both spiritual life coaching and life coaching. 

Spiritual life Coaching

Spiritual life coaching supports your spiritual journey. We look at all the options best suited to you, while using the tarot cards or angel cards to support these insights.

I take you on mediations to connect to your higher self and help you connect to your own inner power, the source of you, your soul and guides in order to build that communication, trust and decision making.

We go deep into your shadow side, embracing what you find most challenging and uncomfortable but allowing you to be free from any negative self-judgment and living in your own authentic power.


From my own personnel experience I guide you on your spiritual journey.

What’s the difference?

Life coaching is based more around your whole life choices, past influences, and restoring your pathway where you are back in control of your life.

Spiritual life coaching helps support you in not only your life choices but also your spiritual journey. I believe before you embark on your spiritual development journey, you are better equipped when your personnel life is on track however your spiritual pathway is part of you.

I believe we can all lead a healthy balanced spiritual life, this isn’t being able to read fortune, or be mediumistic, being spiritual to me is about being kind, knowing our worth, understanding your shadow side and being authentic. Working with Spirit and being spiritual are two very different things , in my opinion.

What to Expect

Before we begin any work, boundaries will be identified for both of us. I will listen to you as you explain to me what you are expecting from the sessions and then explain how I can help as each person is different and your needs are met as individuals,  no 2 people will have the same set coaching guide lines.

I love a plan! So while there will be flexibility, a plan of the  sessions and what you are looking to achieve will be created at the start as a guide to follow, but do not worry if you change your mind or have some amazing awakening and penny dropping moments, I’m expecting that which is why everything is super flexible around your needs and desires.

I will not judge you, you don’t even need to believe in the afterlife or divinations, although in return I expect my beliefs to be respected. I believe boundaries are important and both yours and mine to be met fairly.

 I can, if agreed between us use the tarot cards to look further at blocks and how best to overcome them, using both this psychic guidance and my own guidance for you.

I don’t tell people what to do, I give suggestions and guidance, and tips to help you reach your full potential. Steps are put in place for accountability and recognising your personnel responsibility to live a full authentic happy life.

One session may be enough but most prefer a block of 6 hourly session.

Each session can be recorded via zoom and is 100% confident with no judgment made.

Remember the only one that changes your life is you.

To book a session email me at katemysticmay@gmail.com

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