Kate May Modern Day Mystic

45 cards separated into 6 different categories.

These Modern Mystic messages have been created to give you guidance and answers in my straight-talking way!

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To enhance this connection try holding a piece of green aventurine , Malachite, Citrine or yellow calcite

Malachite may be associated with Venus and the earth element, but because of its healing abilities, it has been linked to Raphael. This stunning, vibrant green gemstone has bands of deeper green, sometimes forming swirling patterns. As a healing stone, it is helpful in recharging the immune system, relieving migraines and strengthening the heart.

Citrine is a crystal of Mercury and the air element. In healing practices, it can be used for allergies, skin problems and digestive issues. This pale yellow crystal can also be used during meditation and visualization, making your thoughts and dreams become reality. Citrine can be a powerful prosperity crystal as well.

Aventurine is another green stone associated with Raphael because of its healing attributes. It heals the eyes and helps with anxiety as well as heart palpitations.

Another yellow crystal affiliated with archangel Raphael is Yellow Calcite. This crystal is a gentle healer, often used for distance healing. It’s also beneficial for painful joints, bones and muscles. It also releases stress, increases creativity and gives us a return back to that feeling known as “fun”.

Archangel Jophiel is linked to Saturn and Jupiter the planets that rules Pisces, to connect with her amazing energy s simply sit relaxed and in a calm state take a few deep breaths to allow your focus to be on your breath, then call his name out loads or in your mind 3 times before saying Archangel Jophiel, wrap your loving energy around me, protecting me and enlightening my thoughts with clarity and creative wisdom, open my eyes to the beauty around me so that I may see all that is bright , lead me out of the darkness and help me reach my souls potential here on earth. Blessing and

To enhance this connecting you could hold a piece of Ametrine, Smoky Quartz, or Mutilated Quartz,.

Ametrine is actually an usual combination crystal that is composed of amethyst and citrine. It is purple and yellow and helps to increase creativity as well as improve your focus. It can help with spiritual awareness, aiding in angelic and spirit guide communication (even animal spirit guides).

Smoky Quartz is a translucent, smoky brown variety of quartz crystal. Despite the fact that it is linked to Saturn and the earth element, smoky quartz is associated with archangel Jophiel because of its ability to release negative energy from your body back into the earth, making you feel more “in the moment” and at peace. It brings optimism and protects you from electromagnetic fields.

Mutilated Quartz is a clear quartz with yellow bands, or rutile on the inside of the crystal. It a crystal of the Sun and the fire element, but its link to Jophiel is in the way it encourages us to explore new possibilities. If you’re looking to make a change in your life, mutilated quartz will enable you to unleash all those untapped abilities, therefore letting you open yourself up to new opportunities and ideas. It is an excellent crystal to use when calling angels and spirit guides.




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