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ST Patrick day tarot spread

St Patrick day celebrated the life of the patron saint of Ireland

Saint Patrick’s Day, held on the 17th of March each year, is a religious and cultural holiday that celebrates the arrival of Christianity in Ireland. This date represents and commemorates the death of Saint Patrick, the foremost patron saint of Ireland.

Saint Patrick’s Day has become a celebration of Irish culture, being celebrated around the world with parades, dancing, music and special foods.

Originally labelled a Christian ‘feast day’ in the 17th Century, Saint Patrick’s Day bases itself on the legends that have been passed down about the Patron Saint through the centuries.

The luck significance comes from Perhaps the most famous Irish good luck charm, the shamrock is known for its St. Patrick connection. The patron saint of Ireland used the three-leafed shamrock to teach the gospels and Holy Trinity to the Irish. Each leaf represents a part of the trinity: Father, Son and the Holy Ghost. Common phrases include “the luck of the irish”

Here is a tarot spread for you!

Luck energy around you now

How can you create more luck

What luck can you be grateful for

Lucky money tip message

Lucy tarot message




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