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The Summer Solstice marks the end of Spring and start of Summer.

As a pagan spiritualist or spiritualist pagan which ever you like, I love to celebrate each Sabbat and this is one of my favorites along with Beltane.

As much as I would love to be there on the hill top for sun rise, my lifestyle as a mum to two young boys, doesn’t always allow me to join in with everything. How ever I am super lucky to have the Lounge and lots of near by parks, so although a group of us Pagans arrange a meet up in the park, the weather had other ideas and we met at my shop, The Mystic River Lounge. I still love that name!

Once everyone had gathered, and there was a whole lot of us witches there, it didn’t take long for the energy to build nicely. Upon the alter we laid, fresh flowers, crystals,tarot cards and other symbolic items as well of course as the summer solstice yellow and orange candles and fruit drink.

I open the circle, I forgot my wand so use a crystal stick instead! I say out loud as I go round the back of each person to hold us within a safe space, that we open with protection and hold the power within.

As we go into the ritual, Julie talks about the summer solstice and we have an reenactment of the Summer solstice battle – The holly King and The Oak King Julie bought in ribbons for us to make summer wishes and tie to a stick which will be burned later in the year at Yule. I wished for peace amongst friendships – We all chant for the summer sun, with words that Julie wrote. Its much needed as we’ve had lots of rain this past week or so!

There is a lot of us here tonight, some new some regulars, its such a wonderful feeling to have these traditions here and to see people getting something positive from it.

I feel super lucky to have done my pagan training with Julie, and to have her as a friend. Once the ritual has ended I close the circle and the rest of the eve is a lovely social, catching up with everyone and welcoming the newbies into the crazy world of ours.

For the Tarot cards and as parrt of my own Alter at home I use the Sun card and the Empress, both bring light, warm days, abundance and fruitfulness

“Litha” is the name given to celebrated at the Summer Solstice. This is the longest day and shortest night of the year, marking the pinnacle of the Sun’s power to fuel the growing season. From here on out, the Sun will set a little earlier each night until Yule in mid December. and so we recognize and give thanks for its warmth.

Although it’s usually celebrated on June 21st, ours was on the 20th for the group as that worked for us, but the exact moment of the Summer Solstice varies from year to year. This is due to a slight misalignment between the Gregorian calendar and the actual rate of the Earth’s rotation around the Sun. The Solstice also occurs at differing local times, so depending on where you live, it may fall the day before or after the date listed on any given calendar. For this reason, a date range of June 20-22 is often cited in sources on the Wheel of the Year.

We look at this time as the sun reaches the highest point, the Sun God has his full power now, and the Goddess of the Earth can create much abundance and a good harvest. Now is when we remember what we hoped for in the Spring months, focusing on the element of fire to bring everything into fruition.


Summer Solstice Blessings to you all x





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