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Tarot Diary 2024 & Tarot Astrology Work Book

Tarot Diary 2024

I’ve created this diary to serve not only as a weekly planner for the upcoming year but also as a potent tool for tarot manifestation. I’ve included various tarot spreads designed for different months and occasions, offering you the chance to explore a wide range of themes throughout the year.This diary also provides your tarot numerology year number and its corresponding message. I’ve explained how to calculate your personal year number and included a unique birth number, along with its calculation and the corresponding tarot card. To make the most of your daily practice, I’ve included methods for using the cards in alignment with astrology and manifestation techniques that correspond to each week’s tarot cards.Furthermore, I’ve dedicated journaling space for you to record your manifestation goals and progress. The diary features easy-to-understand tarot and astrology pages to help you gain a deeper understanding of these mystical arts and how to harness their power for manifesting your desires. This diary is a comprehensive guide designed to empower you on your journey of self-discovery and personal growth

Tarot Diary 2024

The Tarot Diary 2024.

Tarot & Astrology Work Book

I have curated a Tarot Astrology workbook to aid you in your Tarot journey. The workbook comprises of user-friendly notes, worksheets, Tarot spreads, and other beneficial resources. It’s an excellent tool to document your Tarot expedition while enhancing your comprehension of the spreads and meanings.

Utilise this Tarot Astrology workbook to document your Tarot readings, astrology notes, and more. The workbook includes daily, weekly, and monthly record pages, diverse Tarot spreads, Tarot tips, and Astrology information to assist in your Tarot and Astrology education. Additionally, the workbook covers essential notes on the Tarot, its usage, ethical considerations, personal Tarot cards, Tarot timing, the Astrology house system, and Astrology planet information.

This comprehensive guide comprises over 100 pages that amalgamate tarot spreads, tarot tips, astrology insights, journaling prompts, weekly and monthly planners, and additional resources.