Kate May Modern Day Mystic

45 cards separated into 6 different categories.

These Modern Mystic messages have been created to give you guidance and answers in my straight-talking way!

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This weeks Tarot blog looks at the Wheel of fortune, the 6 of wands and the 3 of wands 
This week the wheel of fortune asks you to take action, think about where you need to make positive changes in your life now, what has been holding you back? If these changes don’t come from you then the universe may intervene! Wouldn’t you rather be in control of your destiny?
The wheel of fortune this week brings news of better things, a more faire balance in life. If you want things to change you are at the core. Lady luck is on your side, make the most of this fabulous energy now. 
Moving on from this we have the 6 of wands, a card that signals that by taking the positive action of the Wheel of fortune you can bring much luck into your life and be on the right path way. You will have people who love you, support you and feel like life is on the up ready for celebrations. You may find you have a lucky win or pass a test! 
This cards messages asks you to appreciate those around you and share celebrations, be proud of your achievements. You are hitting an important mile stone now and should feel pleased with your actions, ask yourself what is important to you now 
The final card from this week’s blog, is the 3 of wands, a great card signally another mile stone and one where you can now start to plan and look forward. Your actions from the Wheel of fortune have really paid off and you can now look ahead and start planning the next phase. Ask yourself where do you need to plan more to get the best outcome
This week for me, I will be using the cards influence to get things moving to another level. I feel lucky in my life anyway and this will support my choices. Those that know me, know I always have a plan for something new so these cards resonate with me well, the 6 of wands will serve as a reminder to what I have achieved and to pause and enjoy the recognition before making another move.  The wheel of fortune can have connections to cars or transports, we have a huge crack in our cars windscreen and so this needs to be sorted now before the universe does, possibly costing more damage! 
Its super cold and a little snowy but with lots to be getting on with, I can use more focus on my work from home to expand things, before reaching each mile stone
Have a magical mystical week
Mystic Blessings 
Kate May 
Modern Day Mystic 



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