Tarot Course with Kate May

Saturday 27th March 10.00-11.30 

10 week Tarot Course


For more details please contact me 07800734911 email katemysticmay@gmail.com

Join me on the fabulous learn the Tarot course I’ve created including course notes and tarot work book I’ve been teaching the tarot for about 6 or 7 years now, this particular course is now the staple of my teachings 
A foundation to learn so much more from with the Tarot Within my reading I use a mixture of astrology & Tarot & numerology – I will be sharing this with you 

 10 week course designed by myself to cover the following * The fools journey 
* 22 major arcana meanings 
* Court card means and easy way of bringing them into readings 
* Minor cards meanings 
* Basic astrology 
* Tarot spreads including the Celtic cross and personalised ones 
* Basic numerology 
* How to work with the cards with a story to give accurate readings to yourself and friends 
* Zoom recorded each sessions into a private group for all students in this course to re look over at their leisure 
* Q& As 
* Work book download 
* Course sheets download 
* Tarot tips down load 
* Tarot spreads down load