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Tarot Course Next Steps

Ready to take your tarot to the next steps? Want to take your tarot to the next level?

November 2022 

Once you have gained the knowledge of what each card means, how do you work with them altogether?

In this next steps course, we go deeper into your tarot journey.

The next steps has been created to take you further, working with all the cards to give a deeper layer to your readings.

Each week is recorded into. Private group allowing you to recap, at any time

*Astrology & the 12 area house system

*Tarot timings. *Tarot Numerology.  *Create your own spreads. *Card Combinations

*Tarot symbology. *Duplicate card meanings.  *Real life readings for the public.

*How to read intuitively. *Q&As   *Weekly tuition

I teach in a fun yet informative manor, drawing on  my own life’s experiences to help create easy ways to remember the tarot cards. I open to questions throughout, and find we all learn so much more when questions are invited

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What My Students Say

I would like to say how amazing this class was. I was a complete beginner in Tarot. Knew nothing and had never had a reading. I learned so much and am now comfortable reading the cards and interpreting what they mean in different positions. Kate is so cool, fun, humble and normal. Not too woo woo mystical if you know what I mean. Wonderful teacher and accessible. The class was the perfect length. If you are considering it just do it! You will not regret taking this class. 

Dacy Robinson

Wheeel of Fortune
Card 4


I have wanted to learn to do Tarot readings, however trying to teach myself was fruitless. I began Kate’s course as a complete beginner. I am so grateful for Kate and her teaching skills. She is a Tarot pro in her knowledge and her teaching style. She made the class easy and fun. By gaining understanding of the cards I have gained confidence in my psychic abilities and now can actually give decent readings. I am looking forward to Kate’s next course!

Michelle Parent

Tarot Community

Once the course has finished don’t worry, I don’t leave hanging! I have created a tarot community open to all my tarot students where I join you for a monthly live and encourage you all to connect with each other to continue practising. Here I add any new tarot information I create including my tarot tips.

General Tarot Reading