45 cards separated into 6 different categories.

These Modern Mystic messages have been created to give you guidance and answers in my straight-talking way!

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Tarot Ethics

Tarot Ethics

This are my ethics and my opinion only

Don’t make people feel worse than when they came in

Tarot is  there to help or support people,, I don’t believe we should tell people directly what to do but guide them to make the best choices for themselves. If the reading looks challenging and that they are going through some difficult life changes, yes I belief this should be said, but guidance given to assist them throughout. I will on odd occasions bring oracle cards in to help support any difficult readings. I believe all tarot readers should have a basic understanding of delivery and counselling techniques, remembering what is best for your client not your own ego. Its important to tell the truth but remember delivery sometimes will need to be given tactfully and sensitively. Ask yourself have you helped your client.

Allow your client to take personnel responsibility

I don’t get drawn into telling my clients directly what to do, I give guidance and support, I say what the cards mean in their positions allowing the client to have free will and personnel responsibility. If my client is pushing me to tell them what to do, I know their mind set is vulnerable and perhaps not ready for a reading

Take your clients mental state into account

If your client is in grief, on drugs, under the influence of alcohol or you sense that this isn’t the best time to give them a reading be honest. In grief, they may expect something that they don’t get causing more harm than good. If they are mentally unstable, the same applies, you could cause more confusion and they may take things different to how you say them so having strict boundaries will support you both


I don’t predict death. There are always special circumstances but very few and far between, as a rule I state at the start clearly that I won’t predict death. Predications are illegal in some countries or states so you will need to check this for your area. On occasions yes, I can see death, very quickly it will become apparent if the sitter knows already and this will confirm that but if not I don’t believe t will help them. I may talk about big changes and the need to have strength through a month instead. As ive said delivery is super important

Often I get asked what sex will my baby be? What colour hair will my new man have, what date will I move, some of this can be very clear and using astrology can be seen and I have “predicted” many many things, for me I use my clairsentient, audient and voyance also when I’m working, Not everyone will be able to do this from the start, which is fine but I would be super cautious when predicting anything, and think about how you would word things

Reading for others

I don’t read for other people unless I have their direct permission. I often get asked during a. Reading, can you see what my ex is up too, can you see if my child will settle down or move ect, while this can be done, for me, I wouldn’t want anyone reading me without my permission, in fact if they did they would be in for a surprise!  So I don’t feel its right to go nosing into other people’s lives without their agreement. I have the sitters energy in front of me, and that’s what I’m working on. What I will do is offer to see how the other persons actions or situations are influencing the sitters, it’s the sitter I’m interested in.


Boundaries for both myself and the sitter are super important. At the start of each reading I explain how I work, and what I’m going to do. I don’t read tarot cards for under 18s I use angel tarot cards which are slightly softer to look at, and I always have their parent or guardian present.

Readings can be recorded on the clients phone if face to face or on zoom ill record and send – I don’t keep recordings so once sent I delete it my end. You will have to see what works for you

I set my appointments for 30 minutes for a general reading or 50 minutes for 12 months forecast and different timings for email ones. This is the set time. I am fairly strict because I often have back to back clients and if one person goes over or is late, it effects everyone else.

3 Nos and you’re out

On occasions, not often , but there will be times when the reading doesn’t work. I have a past position, a current position and a personnel power position, if the sitter can’t take these for whatever reason, I never question why, it could be them , me, the day, all sorts, I simply say its not working sorry and close the session. I believe of they can’t take what I’m saying about their recent past, and current situation, how are they going to trsut me on their future or anything else.

Its important to accept it won’t work, not to flog a dead horse and cut it. You would be wasting their money and time as well as your own energies. Do I give a refund or not accept pay – yes for sure. I keep a set of numbers of friends of mine that are tarot readers and give them one of those to try

Your mind set

I always check in with my mental and physical health. If I have issues going on that could distract me, I will not do readings. Most often I would be seeing my life in the cards and get confused. It is super important that you are in tip top condition when doing readings, Respect the sitter, and respect yourself. If you are in grief and you see a similar situation for your sitter, as you most likely would (like attracts like don’t forget) you have to ask yourself are you ready for that. For example if you have just lost a baby yourself and your sitter also has, if you are not mentally fine, you could end up crying, and being emotionally involved – your sitter does not want to hear about your stuff, trust me. Like wise if you have had a break up and are off men say, if your sitter is going through a troubled marriage you could end up influencing her with your own personnel judgements.

Intuition or head

I don’t like to know anything about the situation at the start of the reading, I don’t want my head involved. I want to work not be fed. Once I know the situation my head gets involved and my judgment may be different to just working psychically. The same applies for doing readings for friends or family. After seeing my step dads passing before anyone else knew he was ill, I personally don’t like to read for family now. Friends, I prefer not to read but will do and try to just read the cards detaching my head but it’s not easy! Making friends with your clients can be an occupational hazard! Your boundaries would need to be clear here

Entertainment only

A few years ago, the law changed to state that psychic and mediumship work was to be for entertainment only. While I disagree with this the law is the law. You will need to check your local laws, data protection and other rules for your areas and have these clearly on your websites if you have them.


For all readings, if you are doing these in your home or others, fayres or shops you will need insurance. There are lots out there and its best to shop around or ask others and compare prices.

Mystic Blessings

Kate May x




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