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These Modern Mystic messages have been created to give you guidance and answers in my straight-talking way!

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Tarot/Psychic Scopes for November

Tarotscopes for November

Kate May Modern Day Mystic

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As we move into November Arians, there is plenty to celebrate. The Tarot card for you this month represents, celebrations, letting your hair down, having fun and being fancy free! Female company may appeal to you more than usual so having a girly night in or if your a fella embracing your feminine side!

This month the message is all about enjoying yourself and not getting to serious.

There may be celebrations at work with friends or within family’s. These are happy days that you can reflect on when the going gets tough.

Say yes to social invitations, get dressed up and go out, even if its not quite party season yet – who cares, like I said this month is all about celebrating and enjoying yourself


What a fabulous month your to have fellow Taureans. As November opens up to you, the abundance of good news follows. This is a very special month because the tarot is asking you to put yourself first. Pamper yourself, spend time in nature, have fun with the family and loved ones. Your energies are best focused on you first before you can help others.

You may be looking to make your home more comfortable, I know I am this month, or your workspace getting ready for an abundant time. Times are good and if well-nurtured everything seems to be ticking along nicely. Do remember though it going to be very important that you put your health and own needs first this month. After that its all about growth, manifesting and reaping what you sow. Family times are especially important with new additions. Creating new ideas, that over time with the right effort, will bloom for you


Ever decisive, you may be in two minds once again with money or practical issues. There is a balance coming but you may have to make sure it’s fair. While you may wish to help others, try not to let it be at a cost to you. There could be a bonus or financial windfall this November but don’t be too excited because its in one hand and out the other!

But clearing a debt none the less.

Charity work may appeal to you and doing good deeds – it’s not just for Christmas you will see – if you are the one that needs some help or support be aware of doing things fairly so that you help yourself in the process too.


Rest and recuperation is the order for November. Whatever the situation or whoever is causing some grief right now, this month the cards are asking you to step aside and pull away your energies so that you can recharge your batteries, your thinking and come back feeling fully energized and clearer. Something needs a break, and if you don’t take action than it may be forced upon you. The great thing about this card though is that with a little R&R you will bounce back, stronger than before. If there something that started as a small issue which now has overwhelmed you, taking a step away from it will help balance things


Romance is in the air! A new relationship or partnership is becoming very important to you. How fabulous for you as you start the winter months that you will have good company! November’s card for you is all about harmony, being on the same page and working together to achieve mutual respect and understandings.

If you are not looking for love, this may represent a working partnership or a project that you and another will come together for. The outcome is unclear however you are off to a good start!


Having you been thinking of moving house? Or increasing your salary? Well who doesn’t think of that to be honest. As you enter November, the influence is on your material matters, maybe you’ve just spent out a few quid and need to look at ways or bring in a few more? Whatever aspect of material needs this month is in your favour!

There is the potential for a good increase in your financial affairs or home matters. Out of the blue could come some wonderful news that fills your purse ready for that next purchase. As a Virgo, you do like to splurge but with caution so your security is still safe.

If your home needs some attention, fear not, as the funds should be there to build your perfect palace.


Feeling like banging your head against a brick wall lately? Been going round in circles? That is all about to be behind you as you enter a much clearer time. Although there is still a little more ahead before you are out of the waters, you are in a stronger position to know what’s what. You are moving on from the hard times and struggles.

If you have been feeling like giving up, not carrying on, one step forward one step back and testing times, rest assured its almost over. Many lessons have been learned through these trying times and you really are almost there. Obstacles can come in many forms but stand your own and keep pushing on to the finish line that’s so close insight


Birthday month for many, the cards are in your favor. You are in a position to expand your horizons and look further afield at what you really want. You may hear of new work opportunities, you may come up with new ideas to improve your current situation or be waiting on some news that allows you to move forward. There is a spring in your step, especially if it is your birthday this month and you should be excitedly looking to step up the game!

That said you will need to put in that extra mile to get the results you need and not expect it all to just land in your lap. The idea has now turned into the action and you know have to start planning how to create the masterpiece that you desire

Whatever area of your life needs a bit more action and attention, this is the month to do it!


Its time to hang around and think about what you need to release, sacrifice and let go off, in order to move on from situations that no longer fulfill your full potential. As you swing back and forth throughout November, changing your mind repeatedly, don’t let this bother you as its exactly what needed at this time. A decision that is important needs time to think about it.

Look at the bigger picture, see things from a different angle in order to help you decide for the long term effects.


Accountability is your keyword this November. This may be you or those you have around you where actions will need to be held accountable for. Balance will also be important and getting the right balance of work play, rest, create whichever are in your life you are trying to gain more harmony, you have a fabulous card for getting it right.

Anything to do with legal matters, important paperwork may take a prioritised place for a while, allowing you to get on top of things.

Justice will always come up when the truth matters. A welcome breath of fresh air, that at last the truth will be out – however, if it is you that has been misleading, remember the key word accountability! Although I cant believe you could ever be wrong Capricorns 🙂

Accept what the outcome of situations are graciously and move on in a way that’s positive and productive


November is a magical month for you! You can create the life you desire, you can manifest your wishes and bring to reality what you have been dreaming off.

Giving things a shot will pay off. You could go in many directions and have all the tools to do the job, you may just need a little more confidence and magic to bring it all together.

There is a strong spiritual connection for you here also if you have been thinking of developing your abilities or getting more involved with any aspect of spiritual work, this is a great time to start being more active

Now is the time to wave that magic wand and make some magical stuff happen in your life!


Your mind seems to be a bit fuzzy of late, but that will soon clear by the end of the month allowing you new ways if clearer thinking and new direction to move forward in. Out of the blue could come some new thoughts and new ideas which you should think seriously about if you want a new direction t go in. Using your heard rather than your heart to help with the clarity will give you a stronger vision.

Cutting the cords of the past, now is an excellent time to start a new project or venture.

The truth is important to you now, living an authentic life and being true to yourself and others.






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