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Tarot timings part 2

Aces are the start of something. Depending on what suit is dependent on what are. The Ace of wands can be  new creation, new ideas, possible new work, conception,  new spark of life or an idea, Ace of  swords  can be new ways of thinking, new thoughts, new focus, new contracts, Ace of cups, New love, renewed love, new baby, new emotions, new spiritual journey. Ace of pentacles, new financial gain, new home, new material thinking or offering. Something new and with the potential is indicated when you have many aces in your readings. They are pure energy without form – and it depends on you to shape it and bring the opportunities that they represent into fruition. Because they are raw, they are also unstable, and can very quickly  and not go any further an the start depending on the other cards but still, they are mostly positives.

2s in tarot take the ones into the next step. They can bring choices and decisions or unions and partnerships , but still in the early stages. 2 of cups can be early choices in relationships, 2 people coming together, usually on a romantic front but often in business as well where you are on the same page as someone. Because its a 2 its unclear if it will last but the start is very positive. 2 of pentacles, sees a man juggling, so this may be literally juggling choices of a material need, maybe 2 jobs, 2 homes 2 of swords sees the thought process stuck. Indecisive, choices in decisions and unsure which way to go. 2 of wands sees an idea from the ace turned into the next step but choices of which way to go, although both looking achievable. Coming together in pairs is the theme of the twos, and all the complexities that this union represents. We leave the individuality of the ones, and the twos are a taste of union. For the most part, the twos represent harmony, and a merging of opposite forces to create a whole. Sometimes this balance is so perfect that it’s difficult to move forward and cause paralysis when you must make a choice.

3s in tarot often see teams, groups or friends or 3s – they take the couple  of the twos and turn it into 3s. 3 wands can be the success of the one and two moving forward to the next step but with others involved, 3 of swords usually involves 3 people or 3 situations. 3 cups again sees the joy of 3 people or the need to have fun with a group of friends. 3 of pentacles sees team work supporting a material idea. Group dynamics rule the threes in the tarot, and they depict different outcomes that can occur when a group comes together – whether they are groups of individuals, or groups of ideas. Because it is also symbolically thought of as completion (the first polygon, the holy trinity, etc) it also indicates an initial completion of a first phase of some sort.

4s in tarot are often seen as foundations of sone kind. What ever is happening around the 3s, the 4 take it to the next level. Even if something hasn’t worked out in the way the aces first thought, the 4s build that next chapter. 4 of wands can see a celebration a union but within 4 walls of structure and support. The 4 of pentacles see protection of money, building a foundation or protection around the man in the picture in a practical way. The 4 of cups sees the man looking at his emotions and wondering what it all about, the 4thcup gives him hope of a more secure outcome. The 4 of swords asks to rest your thoughts and ideas allowing a more stronger you to emerge.    The fours usually indicate that some foundation has been created and is ready to grow and evolve. To grow and evolve is the key here, because though the foundation is created, there is some disappointment indicated sometimes because things may not have progressed entirely as hoped for – thus, the fours are also the universe’s way of pushing us to grow and move forward.

5s in tarot see change, fluctuations and conflict After the fours, the fives. are amplifications of that same energy. When that energy evolves, the fives ask us to look within our selves for a deeper reason of why to progress. To move forward and beyond these instabilities, we have to push forward. The 5s ask us where we want to be going what do we want to letting go off and taking with us.  The 5 of wands sees battles and confrontations of ideas and opinions, the 5 of cups see sadness and disappointment but looking more deeply can see hope and all is not lost. 5 of pentacles see hardship and struggling times but by being practical can see refuge and a safer place. 5 of swords and who should he be bothered with now. Sees a man hurt from betrayal. He is thinking what is important, where should his energies be, who deserves his attention and who doesn’t. What’s important and what’s not

The challenges don’t last though, these are minor cards remember.  

6s in tarot, while the fives represent conflict, the sixes represent the movement away from that conflict into a solution, a more positive way out,  whether they are internal or external, whether that means reconciliation or letting go. They are the cards of overcoming suffering, the light at the end of the tunnel. 6 of wands can be success and victory, coming home with the goods, its not a 100% win but defiantly support and encouragement from others  and on the right way. 6 of pentacles sees a share out and being practical with  money coming in and out. It shows the challenges of the 5 of pentacles moving into balance now. The 6 of cups looks at happy memories, the sadness of the 5s now looks at nostalgia and happier emotions. The 6 of  swords sees the thoughts of challenging times turn into moving into calmer water. A clearer way of thinking now.

7s in tarot see a pause or reflection and choices that need carful thinking.  The sevens ask us to assess, and reevaluate whether the path that you are taking is what is best for you. 7 of swords sees someone being sneaky and  thinking of himself. The 7 of wands sees a man fighting his own battles, sticking up for himself and determined to stand his ground despite challenges from opposition. The 7 of cups sees many choices but all not clear or available. The 7 of pentacles sees a time of growth but also boredom. Waiting for the next move. So each 7 although more positive than the 6 asks for more clarity within each suit.

8s in tarot A completion of a second phase is indicated with the eights, and usually corresponds to some sort of achievement, whether in the worldly sense, or in an emotional sense. Growth either way is indicated here, and sometimes it can take place in a form where we least expected it. 8 of pentacles sees the hard work coming to a completion but needing a little more effort for total completion. 8 of wands sees everything up in the air but fast action and ideas, while it is up in the air it all falls into place. 8 of cups sees the walking away of material needs and going in search of what matters. Spiritual growth.  8 of swords sees the frustrations in the mind but on deeper inspection things are nit what they seem and hope is there.

9s in tarot  mean a nearing completion and this can take the form of entering a plateau of some sort. What looks like the finish line, may actually be just a transitory stage. While the feeling of completion is here, it is usually just a pause before the final part of the cycle comes. 9 of cups has a happy full man feeling satisfied and complete but because its a 9 its a 9 out of 10 – almost everything is there but not quite – or is it that you have what you want but still something is missing emotionally. 9 of wands is when breakthrough is there but not everything is clear although it will be shortly. 9 of pentacles is the hard work paying off. The fruits of your labor seeing results

9 of swords can be over thinking or over worrying. The thinking is not clear.10s in tarot are the completion, the cycle that’s at the end or the achievement phase. It indicates that from this point forward, we can move towards a new beginning. 10 of swords sees a completion cycle of worry and challenges coming to an end, 10 of cups sees emotional contentment  joy and a completed feeling of happiness. 10 of wands sees the weight of responsibility coming to an end. 10 of pentacles sees financial attainment. 10S are what the aces first began now come to a completed stage




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