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I get asked a lot, both in my readings and in my classes about timing with the tarot. 

When will this happen, when will that happen when will I meet him or her, when will get that job – many of us want to know rather than waiting it out, me included! 

Im lucky to be clairaudient and Clairsentient, I often hear or feel the timing but that’s hard to explain and share when teaching tarot. 

Using a story method  with the cards is a great way to look at not just the timing of the  event but also the road to get there and how best to make choices leading to the timing of the event. 

If someone asks when will I get my dream job, and you pull the 8 cups, it would show in order to get there, they would first need to walk away from what no longer serves and change directions however challenging that may be. So it would be when they make the choice of moving away. 

Using referred tarot cards can show that the client is not ready for the change or may not happen straight away. You have to be careful that you are still showing that the client has free will and that not everything will happen, they may not get that dream job, they may not have children, or meet the love of their life, so we can’t assume everything will happen in the way they want. We should be guiding them through the tarot but allowing destiny and they’re free will to take part. 

Although I work with my psychic ability, I do work with my own interpretation of the suits, however some books you may read or your own guide may be different to mine, so it is  important to go with what feels right for you.  

As a  guide I will use the following 

Wands – Days. even hours & Spring 

Swords – Weeks &  Autumn

Cups – Months &  Summer

Pentacles – Years & Winter

However sometimes I will have the wands as Autumn for some strange reason – which docent help much I know sorry! But that’s what I do! 

The court cards, I would use both the suit and the number – for 2 court cards I would add the numbers up for example 8 wands could be days or hours – its a rush card, a quick event so time wise it could be up to 8 days, I once did a reading for someone who wanted to know the date of her due baby, the 8 of wands were pulled and she went into early labour later that day and had the baby within 8 hours! There is much to influence timings and its not something I enjoy predicting to be honest, other people and outside influence will depend but you can do possible date or timing using tarot suits. 

I love astrology, and I do find this works well in tarot timings and in tarot personality’s. You can find the personality of someone from their star sign and so from the tarot card that connects to that sign, for example if someone asks what will my next partner be like, and the moon card appears, they could be a Pisces, or have a secret side to the, all may not be as it seems of them. If the page of cups appears, they could be young or young hearted, romantic and dreamy. 

If you choose the timing of an event and picked the chariot, that could be June or July. As its a cancer sign for me. Again each reader may have different cards for different signs 

If you asked when would I meet my dream lover and 3 of pentacles came in this could be two things – 1 the story could be when they have a friend helping the situation, when they have built a good friendship with their love first or 3 year time, early winter as its a 3 – 10 of pentacles could be later in winter as its a 10, I would break it down so 1-3 early -3-7 mid – 8-10 later, or you could break it down even further and have the 3 suits Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn – 3 of pentacles would be early so the first earth suit – so in 3 years time in April/may when Taurus has am influence, But this can get confusion for the newly developed tarot reader so keep it basic at the start. If you are lucky to be clairvoyant in any way, you will be given the information – much easier! 

As a guide to their element here are the signs and suits 

Suit of Swords (Air) = Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

Suit of Wands (Fire) = Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

Suit of Cups (Water) = Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

Suit of Pentacles (Earth) = Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

Hers a quick Tarot tip to remember 

Wands – Fire – Burns fast – days 

Swords – Air – Flows quickly – Weeks 

Cups – Water – Blends with the moon – Months

Pentacles – Earth – Grows slowly – a season to a year 

Another way to keep things simple  – use just one question and one card, practice on friends that

have changes coming upon to see if you get the correct information

You could do a timing spread – 

How can I support the influence  to meet x 

What month will x enter my life 

What start sign will x be

When will this happen 

Just have a play with your cards for different situations, make the spread up so it connects to your situation and see how you get on. I like to keep things simple so for me I would be using the Astrology, especially looking at any major cards, and then using the  basic days or weeks from the suits , you could surprise yourself with your accuracy! Don’t give up though if not, it may take time to find a way that works for you. 

Kate May 

Modern day Mystic & Life Coach