The sign of Taurus, represented by the bull, their spirit animal, from the constallition 

The second  sign of the Zodiac, when the Sun enters the house of Taurus on April 21st until May 21st. As the second sign of the zodiac they govern money, values and security.They usually 

An earth sign, they are grounded, practical and down to earth. They love  the good things In life, not afraid to splash out on quality over quantity. 

Taurus enjoy sensual pleasures such as long lingering kisses, especially on the neck, their ruling body part. Their sensuality extends out to their home and surroundings. They love food of the finest quality, obviously, and are not afraid to flaunt their curves especially to those they love. 

They are ruled by the planet Venus, the planet of love and beauty. Appreciating everything beautiful and finding pleasure in  the simplest of things 

Thanks to Venus, they are usually very attractive, and  enchanting  with a natural beauty. 

As much as Taurus love to relax, take things slow and enjoy being pampered, they are one of the most hard working signs there is, and are not afraid to roll their sleeves up and crack on with what needs doing when there is money to be made. These bulls are super focused, ambitious and resilient.Taurus has some pretty remarkable traits, above and beyond they have strong ethics, are extremely dependability, and resourceful, this makes them a  great job candidate Success is pretty much a given for this earth sign. Money and savings give them their  much needed security.  They know how to play the long game, known as the builders they can start things from scratch and build an empire. If knocked down they will simply rebuild even better. They may look for jobs in the beauty or holistic industry or finances, interior design or management 

Taurus are known for their stubborn personality, but this is often due to them thinking they know best and being inflexible. Although, once they have been left to ponder they will quietly adapt – eventually – maybe! Their dedication and persistent  consistency, that some see as stubborn, others see as 

Taurus take a while to let people in but when they do they don’t let you go easily, When Taurus are done with you, they wont try and get even, they will just be done, especially if you have wronged them. They have a sarcastic tongue , but are most honest, almost to their fault. Taurus are smart, they notice everything and remember the little details others may have long forgotten for ever. They may choose to remind you of this 5 years later. 

They will take forever to choose something, mulling over choice after choice, yet rarely take a risk. They are super loving and protective of their friends and family. They like to take care of people, with their nurturing ways and will provide a stable secure and welcoming home for their loved ones. 

Tarot card –  Hierophant. 

Element – Earth 

Crystal – Emerald, Jade and Malchite

Herbs – Honeysuckle, Thyme and Rose 

Metal – Copper

Colour – Green & Gold

Planet Venus 

Animal/Symbol – Bull 

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