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The Moons cycles

The energy that surrounds the moons changes are not only magical but enlightening on many aspects! 

The full moon gets a lot of press, mostly bad, with a common thread of crazy vibes, often blamed on this. Sensitive people and animals alike often sense a change of emotion with this and the other phases of the moon. 

For me I love all the moons phases, each one unique and perfectly inline with natures way. We are made up of high percent of water within our bodies, it ranges from 45-75%, so its no wonder we  are naturally in tune to the emotions of the moon. The tide is affected by the moons cycle, during both the  new moon phase and full moon phase the tides are at their highest and lowest. Caused by the moons gravitational pull that generates what’s called the tidal force. This force created  from the earths water, where it bulges out on the sides,  closets and furthest from the  moon, what we know as high tides

The first moons phase is the new moon, when the moon is in its first quarter. When the Sun and the moon have the  same ecliptic longitude. In this phase, the moon or luna disk is not visible to the naked eye, unless when silhouetted during a solar eclipse. The new moon is when the moon is between the earth and the sun, the side that is being lit facing the sun.  For each of the moons phases, you can check out your birth charts to see what position the moon is in and what astrological house it falls in for a deeper understanding personally. Or you can choose an area you would like to input changes. 

The new moon represents the luna cycle, symbolising new beginnings, a great time for new ways, new ideas, new projects  and new goals. As with all things new, there would be an element of old. A period of reflection would naturally occur.  The new moon is a time of re birth. Our energies are revitalised and ready for new experiences. As it occurs regally, it is  seen as another chance to start a fresh. A perfect time to meditate, journal, and prepare your next plan of action, get organised.

The next moon phase is the waxing moon, split in two halves, with the first 3.5 – 7 days after the new moon,  when the energy shifts again but in a more subtle. The waxing moon takes those new ideas and moves them along a little, like a seed the new moon, gets planted and watered,  the waxing moon is the journeying time. The planning time, and laying the foundations.This is the expansion of actions. For me this is when action happens when any new ideas I have start to take shape, they are no longer just an idea they have form. This time of the month is great for doing jobs, sending letters, acting the ideas. This is when we can ask ourselves are we on track of our goals, we will meet the  full moon deadline, are things as they should be. Are your new moon plans happening. The second phase 10- 14  days after the new moon, waxing gibbous,  sees those ideas really forming now, or not , by now you would know if something is working or if it will show up to be not as expected. This phase, there really is action and movement with things now, you should start to see the results from the implementation and start to the off those loose ends as we draw closer to the next moon stage. 

 The full moon follows, when the seed has grown to its full potential. When we see what has come up from being hidden, When emotions are high, and sensitives are in tune more so than ever. We reflect  on the past ready to let it go. The ripest point of ideas has now come to fruition, you can see if they will work out or not, many Ha Ha moments occur during a full moon

A great way to release what no longer serves through ritual, baths, and other releasing ceremonies.

As we see the  moons energy change again, around 3.5 – 7 days after the full moon, the waning gibbous  phase occurs, also known as the earth mother moon.  Decreasing in size, the moon starts to recede, turning onto a think slither of light, before dissolving completely to the death, before repeating the cycle all over again. 

During this phase,  our minds turn inwards and we start to think about what we need for a more balanced life. A time to look at endeavours, correct mistakes and make amends  We now need to look at what we have left behind and how we can bring in more positive energy to allow the endings to be final, the release of what was let go at the full moon has this time to be gone or to be amended,

The second part of the waning phase, is called the moon of harvest, 7-10 days after the full moon, this is when you are seriously done and ready to let that past go for good now. If things have not finalised from before, now would be the time to remove yourself from these situations.The action of  realising   anything that may step in your way, any obstacles, and removal of what is no longer needed for sure  If we have finished a relationship at the full moon , yet it still not completely over, there may have been unfinished business, this time period allows for that ending not just the talking of it. This allows the rebirth period to start again , fresh and full of hope and new life of next  new moon 

Of Course we can not begin and end everything on the right moon phases, but knowing the  moons phases can help balance things in between. 

Mystic Blessings

Kate May x





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