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The Summer Solstice marks the end of Spring and start of Summer.

As a pagan spiritualist or spiritualist pagan which ever you like, I love to celebrate each Sabbat, this is one of my favourites along with Beltane

Connect with the  Sun that keeps you bright and alive. Accept the fire that burns away all you have outgrown that no longer serves. Release it by using your new power and welcome the future in to your present, using todays energy as a turning point for all that you are now. Open yourself up to the light and be your light

The last few years, I have been lucky enough to have attended Stonehenge, with my Witchy friends and enjoyed a private ceremony set out with our pagan group. Obviously this last couple of years we haven’t been able to do this, but we can enjoy it on our own ways.  Here as the  sun rises, it shines on, bringing forth new energy for a new dawn. This reminds us of re  birth and death. The natural cycles. This year everything is obviously cancelled,  so I am celebrating  it in my own Mystic May style. In my Garden, with my thoughts, a fire and Midsummer magic! In doors on my  Alter, I will be using the Sun card and the Empress, from my Tarot deck, both bring light, warm days, abundance and fruitfulness. There are many online events of watching the sunrise, and  as much as I would love to be awake, in all honesty, I probably won’t be, but that doesn’t matter at all. The intent is there!

“Litha” is the name given, to celebrate the Summer Solstice. This is the longest day and shortest night of the year, marking the pinnacle of the Sun’s power to fuel the growing season. From here on out, the Sun will set a little earlier each night, until Yule in mid-December, and so we recognise and give thanks for its warmth to help ripen the grains, that allow us to feed, all through the winter months once harvest.

Although it’s usually celebrated around the June 21st, in the Northern hemisphere, in the Southern Hemisphere it is around the 19th December.  The exact moment of the Summer Solstice varies from year to year. This is due to a slight misalignment between the Gregorian calendar and the actual rate of the Earth’s rotation around the Sun. The Solstice also occurs at differing local times, so depending on where you live, it may fall the day before or after the date listed on any given calendar. For this reason, a date range of June 20-22 is often cited in sources on the Wheel of the Year.  Mid-Summer its a few days after the Summer Solstice,

We look at this time as the sun reaches the highest point, the Sun God has his full power now, and the Goddess of the Earth can create much abundance and a good harvest. Now is when we remember what we hoped for in the Spring months, focusing on the element of fire to bring everything into fruition. The days are at their longest and the nights , shortest.

Ancient Druids worshipped in oak groves, they would watch the movement of the Sun & Stars, and marked the turning of the year. Celebrations are done mostly outside in nature.

The element for this time of year is Fire, as you would expect from the heat of the Sun. Passion Energy and heat can all affect us in different ways both positive an d negative, so getting  the balance is important 

In some ceremonies a stag is called as the  fire element, and talk of  “The stag in the heat of the chase” referring to the way the Stag comes into his own. When the deer are in rut, needing to be mated, the Stag is overcome with great need, Control of the heard  is fought, as he is full of passion. He eats and drinks very little, with only one thing on his mind, his Mate! This reminds us of the heated passion mid-summer can bring – either full of energy to get moving – or too much energy it could get wild!

Another traction is the act of the Holly and Oak king. Once the Summer Solstice arrives, The Holly King returns to do battle with the Oak King, fighting for supremacy once more. Conquering  and defeating the Oak king,  until the winter Solstice where he loses his crown. The battles take place on the equinoxes so that the Oak King is strongest in the Summer and The Holly king more dominant during Yule

Things to think about durring this time

Where acn you find the balance in your life now

What areas really need to be burnt away that no longer serves you

What is lighting up for you now

Where can you bring abundance into your life now? What is abundance to you?

Mystic Summer Solstice Blessings

Kate May x




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