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The year of Number 7- Is it a lucky year for us?

This year, 2023 is a 7 number, a universal year number

Representing wholeness and perfection in numerology (both Physical and Spiritual) This is a number is associated with ascension and a life free of obstacles in various cultures. Searching for a deeper meaning for enlightenment and awakenings.  Ancient beliefs from around the world believed that the seventh son of the seventh son would be gifted with magical powers (both good and evil) giving it strong links to many religions and folk lore around the world.

7 worlds, 7 seas, 7 continents, 7 colours in the rainbow, 7 chakras

Many elevations – makeovers and upgrades on all levels – the possibilities are endless

Technology and the Internet may play an even bigger hand too for 2023as people embrace new ways of doing things and digital tools but also people will need to develop a greater appreciation of nature and mother earth, to balance this energy out, going way to a deeper spiritual level and understanding reconnecting on a personnel level

Forgiveness and gratitude will become more apparent in 2023, freeing us from past karmic ties or unhealthy believe pattens that have held us back – giving way to new curiosities and openness to move forward

7 can be known as the emotional healer, carrying a vibration that is gentle and loving to sooth the ways bringing a nicer brighter energy to all situations – The 7th house in astrology is libra, ruled by loving Venus – relationships – bringing harmony to situations, seeing the beauty in things and preferring to work with others not against them – helping both yourself and others, you are the sparkler that others will light theirs from

The number 7 people are described as intellectual, deep thinkers, philosophers, and scholars. They tend to be over analysers and dissect everything   before making any choices. They are the visionary’s, unique and have a unique way of thinking outside the box

The number 7 year can bring success and much improvement into your career sector. It is a high energy vibe and will support plans to propel you into new ways of thinking for fresh ideas, somewhat different to how you have been. You will have the energy to push forward with your goals and go that extra mile to stand out and be counted 

Many of this will become more apparent after the first quarter to half of the year. Keep a practical levelheaded head along while you ride out any of the bumps and ask for support as it will be there

The number 7 year can be very profitable for our finances, especially around middle of the year, but first we must get super organised. The planets will also lend their support in your favour bringing satisfactory profits into your daily routines. Getting organised and in control now will help you for the rest of the year especially when the second half of the year hits and we could have a few complications if errors were made in judgement. Thinking wisely and making long term plans will support you for 2023

In relationships the number 7 is super important because it brings the conditions needed to connect love. A stronger understanding and being, more present in love will support your relationships this year. If your single this year you could be more ready for love with more compassion and fining the right partner for you. Self-love will also become more apparent, as we focus on our personnel needs and emotions loving ourselves first in order to be and give love – the penny finally drops!

By the end of the year, keep things calm and collected, take hold of any anger and shine light on to it with love, as you thank the process for the experience. This doesn’t mean you will fall out with your loves necessarily, more that you could get wired up and will need to find that calm chilled version of yourself

As 2023 brings a more positive vibe, it should leave you feeling better about many things, this is a great time to build your physical muscle and your empires! You can have the strength to accomplish physical work, or anything that evolves effort. However, you will be required to push yourself this year to get the max out of life. Mental health will need to be worked on especially from the second half of the year but start now and get things in place and you will be halfway there! Do things that take you away from drama including social media

So let this year be lucky for you – if your not happy with something this year is the year to change it. In Tarot, 7 is seen as a re evaluation number, a time to check in that you are on the right path way and where you want to put your energies next. Its a number of pause and refection before going next on your pathway

Mystic Blessings x Kate May




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