Kate May Modern Day Mystic

General Tarot Reading

12 Month ahead Reading $110.00

Do you want a little more information than the standard general reading?

Is it that time of year when you fancy your yearly tarot spread?

Tarot won’t tell you what to do but will guide you to make the best choices in your life 

 This 12 month spread gives you month by month cards for the whole year ahead plus using the astrology house system I go into specific areas of your life for this 12 months. 

Here are the areas we look into using the astrology houses 

For the 12 month focus, I use 12 cards mixed from major and minor from the deck placing them down in a particular order, allowing me to see key areas into the next 12 months that may need guidance and clarification

1) Personality, environment, how others see the Querent, the Self (Aries).

2) Money, possessions, earning power and financial values (Taurus).

3) Travel and Communication, day to day activities (Gemini).

4) Home Life, siblings, family, parents (Cancer).

5) Pleasure, romance, love affairs, holidays, self-expression, creativity (Leo).

6) Work and Health (emotional and physical) (Virgo).

7) Partnerships (professional and personal) and Marriage, legal matters (Libra).

8) Inheritance, death, sex, other people’s money, endings and beginnings (Scorpio).

9) Philosophy, education, dreams, travel and long distance journeys (Sagittarius).

10) Career, profession, fame, reputation (Capricorn).

11) Friends, organizations, hopes, and wishes (Aquarius).

12) Burdens, restrictions, secret fears, enemies, dangers, subconscious (Pisces). Also karmic card.

And if that’s not enough, it comes with the general standard reading also!