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Venus Retrograde in Leo

Venus ignites our love, our values, and desires. Retrograde, we encounter past loves, hidden emotions, and support in finding closure and healing. Leo rules the 5th house of romance, inner child and creative energies.

You are being called to re-evaluate what is in your heart. Re assessing your passions and your self worth.

Reassessing your relationships and values will become more apparent now, going back over your hearts desires, asking yourself if your current relationships support you, empower you, bring you fulfilment and peace, or do they drain you? Perhaps even attack you?

Seeing yourself and others form a completely different viewpoint.

The Alignment of the Sun in Leo this August, and Venus retrograde will offer new clues, insights and realisations about your deep journeying. Reflecting over the balance in giving and receiving within relationships, and how we balance our need for being in relationships over our freedom. Giving an insight into what outdated believes we once had and how you can make changes into relationships to feel more authentic.

Venus retrograde allows us to embark on a phase of realignment, recalibration, and revaluation within relationships with others and ourselves. Entering a period of profound introspection regarding our values and personnel needs before making necessary changes. Once Venus turns direct, you can action these changes. But for now, take the time to assess, and fall back in love with yourself first.

Fire Signs: Aries Leo Sagittarius: Chariot Card

This Venus retrograde looks at your home area. What and who do you value here? Do you have balance? Is the home energy equally shared? Or is there changes you need to make to bring in that balance? Where have you lost your focus and goals? What distractions have caused you to go off kilt? Re assessing your home energy’s now will support changes needed to bring in more harmony. Give the home a clean out, a de clutter, keep only what makes you smile.

Earth Signs: Taurus Virgo Capricorn: Devil card

This Venus retrograde looks at your work and material areas.

Have you become obsessed with material gain? Working too hard, missing out on fun? Have you lost the love for the job? What temptations are around you now that are effecting your core values? Reflecting on your goals and assessing how to bring the balance back will support your achievements in the future. Resisting temptation, and tuning back into your core values will remove blocks that could otherwise bind you.

Air Signs: Gemini Libra Aquarius: Lovers card.

This Venus retrograde looks deeply at your relationships. Both with others and yourself. Are they fulfilling you? Do you feel loved and valued? Have you lost sight on what is important to you within your relationships? Reassessing now will support any changes needed later in the year. Do you value your self worth? What’s at the heart of your emotional choices now? Communication is important and getting clarification on your emotional needs and wants.

Water signs: Cancer Scorpio Pisces: Judgement card. This Venus retrograde looks at what your core values are in the bigger picture, your spiritual life. You are going through huge changes now to stir things up and re awaken you souls desires. Are you walking your true path? Is there more that you could do to waken your soul? Are you in alignment with your future self? Anything is possible now, re assessing your pathway and what makes you feel awake is at the core to feeling fulfilled and alive. Transitions that take place over the next few months will bring you into your true calling. Ask yourself what makes your soul sing? This will bring you to your purpose.




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