45 cards separated into 6 different categories.

These Modern Mystic messages have been created to give you guidance and answers in my straight-talking way!

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Key words 

Positive – Organised ,Discipline,Hard workers,Honest, Talented 

Negative – Critical, judgemental, hypercritical  

The sign of Virgo is represented by the virgin or maiden.

The Sun enters their sign on August 23rd until September 22nd. They are an earth sign, practical hardworking and grounded. 

They are the 6th house in the Astrological house, representing health, duty of care and looking after others.

Virgos are known for being critical not just of others but more so themselves. 

They are neat freaks and like everything organised. They say if you want a job done ask a virgo for they are perfectionists and reliable. 

Virgos love to learn, if only to perfect the area they are looking into. 

As earth signs, they love nature and are extremely good at being self sufficient and self contained. Extremely sensitive though they can over think things and what you see on the outside maybe a lo more sensitive on the inside. They can withdraw and shut themselves away to analyse everything over and over again. 

Honest and blunt, they are not shy wither opinions but don’t like to take advice themselves. They may say what they think however it is usually done with the best intention to help. Virgos love to help and care for people. Their 6th house ruler is of course in the duty  to care. They like to feel helpful and needed. 

When they are not working or having a goal to work towards, they often feel disconnected or discontented. 

Virgos are concerned about their own  health and those close health. They may be over anxious or over worried but they are just doing what they feel is the way to protect and heal. 

They can be extra picky with all maters, while they are trying to be the perfectionist and know the ins and outs of everything. They may come across as being cool and not needing the pat on the back, but actually their love to be praised, quietly and will look to reach an even more idealistic goal.

 They love to teach us too served make great teachers or health workers. 

They like to see action not just hear words, words can come across as cheap if there is not action. They have a strong mental mind, but hold their emotions close to their chest. Sarcastic, straight talking,  hates liars, Great at reading people, you cannot fool a virgo! Unquestionable  loyalty unless they fear you you could take something form them. They over think everything which may drive their partners nuts,  but have a big heart. 

Tarot card –  The Hermit 

Element – Earth 

Crystal – Blue Sapphire 

Flower- Buttercup 

Metal – Mercury 

Colour – Blue 

Planet – Mercury 

Symbol – Maiden 

Body – Intestines, nervous system




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